Promoting nuclear disarmament through the United Nations
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From the OEWG to Astana: Building a nuclear-weapon-free world

Last Friday (August 19) in Geneva, after 15 days of deliberations over 3 months, the UN Open Ended Working group on nuclear disarmament (OEWG) adopted a report with three recommendations that will be forwarded to the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) for action. (See: Advance copy of the OEWG report as orally ammended and adopted…

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August 29: Moment of Silence to Honor All Victims of Nuclear Tests

August 29 is the International Day Against Nuclear Tests. It is also the 25th anniversary of the closure of the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site in Kazakhstan. The ATOM Project has initiated a global moment of silence on that day to honor all victims of nuclear weapons testing. Kazakhstan suffered more than 450 Soviet nuclear weapons…

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UN body considers draft nuclear disarmament report – BPO makes novel proposal

As nuclear abolition campaigners around the world were gearing up for annual Hiroshima and Nagasaki Day commemorations, governments and a few civil society representatives gathered at the Palais des Nations in Geneva to discuss the draft report of the UN open-ended working group (OEWG) to take forward nuclear disarmament negotiations. The OEWG will meet for…

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Hiroshima/Nagasaki Day appeal to UN – ban nuclear weapons

Thousands of representatives of civil society from around the world, meeting in Hiroshima this week for the World Conference on Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs, have appealed to the United Nations to commence multilateral negotiations for the complete prohibition and elimination of nuclear weapons. The Conference, organised by Gensuikyo and occurring in conjunction with the 71st…

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Hiroshima/Nagasaki day events from nuclear weapons bases and facilities

On April 26/27 last year, as diplomats gathered in New York for the Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference, nuclear abolition campaigners gathered at nuclear weapons bases and facilities around the world to ‘wave goodbye to nuclear weapons.’ But the nuclear weapons have not gone away. So this year, for Hiroshima and Nagasaki Days, campaigners will again…

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Schools Peace Week – August 6-12

In 2003, the New Zealand government and the Peace Foundation launched Schools Peace Week. ‘The goal of Schools’ Peace Week is to promote peace education and foster peaceful schools, students and communities’, says Lucy Stewart, Youth Programmes Coordinator at The Peace Foundation. Schools Peace Week has a special focus on youth and nuclear disarmament. ‘The…

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The Golden Rule sails again

She sailed to the Marshall islands in 1958 to protest nuclear tests there. This summer she sails up the US West Coast for a number of anti-nuclear events.

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Global actions for Hiroshima and Nagasaki Days, Aug 6 and 9

August 6 is the anniversary of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima. August 9 is the anniversary of the nuclear bombing of Nagasaki. Civil society groups around the world are taking action on these days to call for the abolition of nuclear weapons. Join the Chain Reaction. Plan your action/event for Hiroshima or Nagasaki Day. Here…

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