Get involved!

UNFOLD ZERO highlights UN-focused campaigns, initiatives and proposals that have a potential to contribute to the achievment of a nuclear wepons free world. Read on to see how you can contribute to their success!

OEWG 2016

Encourage your country to participate in 2016 OEWG

Nuclear Zero Case

Ask your government to support Marshall Islands’ case at the International Court of Justice

Nuclear Weapons Convention

Support the UN resolutions calling on negotiations for a Nuclear Weapons Convention

Nuclear Free Middle East

Support a Middle East zone without nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction

UN Security Council

Encourage the Security Council act on nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation

UNSG’s Five Point Plan

Promote Ban Ki-moon’s practical plan for a nuclear weapons free world

Criminalize use of nuclear weapons

Help make the use of nuclear weapons a crime under the International Criminal Court