Protect People and the Planet:
Appeal for a Nuclear-Weapon-Free World

Global Appeal to end the nuclear threat, abolish nuclear weapons and shift the weapons budgets and investments to support public health, COVID-19 recovery, the climate and sustainable development.

Quotes from Endorsers

Nuclear weapons and climate change alike threaten our human rights at the most fundamental level. We must act now through an intersectional, holistic lens to divest from the military-industrial complex and invest in our futures.
Valerie Juang
Co-organiser, WNY Youth Climate Council, USA
We all deserve to live in a safe future. Our present and future generation all deserve a real peace of mind where they don't have to look over their shoulder to check if nuclear would one day be a threat, where they don't have to fear the potential ramifications of human error and where they can rule out nuclear mishaps resulting from force majeure.
Shirleen Chin
Founder and Director, Green Transparency. Malaysia/Netherlands
Stop Nuclear war threats in Ukraine war NOW---encourage negotiations and ceasefire. End big budgets for Nuclear build-ups
Doug Bullock
Founding Member, Solidarity Committee--Capital District, USA
We have been created to inhabit the Earth not to destroy it.
Mohamed Awad
Green Party, Egypt
No one wins nuclear war, the weapons development is window dressing and transfer from the public coffers of fortunes into the hungry maws of weapons industry corporations; can we draw together into a force irresistible enough to transform our nation into our vision of peace.
Susann McCarthy
Peace Action New Mexico. USA
I have simple goal to prevent nuclear danger for East Europe and all planet with this action.
Genoveva Sotirova
Freelance researcher and human rights activist, Bulgaria
We must not allow the Trump show to distract us from the increasing threat of nuclear disaster from Putin. Both are existential threats - one to our form of government, and the other to life on planet Earth. We can and must take a stand for democracy and find a way to peacefully end the war on Ukraine at once by negotiating with Russia.
Judith Beaver
Retired Medical Transcriptionist, USA
I have lived under the shadow and the propaganda of nuclear armament and potential destruction all my life. I worked for 30 years supporting environmental documentation for a Stockpile Stewardship national laboratory. It is a business by which the Military Industrial Complex, per President Eisenhower's warning, takes on a life of its own, a $ means wrapped in a flag, that is ultimately incompatible with human survival. We once again face a legacy of insanity and suffering for egos and economy.
Brenda Bailey-White
Private citizen, USA
If we don't get this right, nothing you care about, and nothing you work on, will matter.
John L German
Main Representative to the United Nations, and Member of the Board of Trustees, People to People International. USA
I call on my government to cut the budget which would support the building of parts nuclear weapons and their use, and the cessation of any mining for uranium or other mineral to be used in the creation of nuclear weapons.
Mary-Ellen Francoeur
Pax Christi Toronto. Canada
Move the money from war to peace
Heidi Meinzolt
International Board Member, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF). Germany
It is an hour of need that people around the world should take a step forward in supporting such appeals to put an end to nuclear stockpiles as well as to ensure sustainable development for our future generations.
Huzaifa Niaz
Assistant Engineer, Pakistan
We are threatened by a war between the USA and China. This would be a nuclear war. We must speak out very firmly against this madness. Prohibiting first use, and prohibiting nuclear weapons is vitally important.
Peter Murphy
Secretary, Sydney Peace & Justice Coalition
Let us transform nuclear swords into health cares.
Dr Frank Fromherz
Author, retired college teacher and activist, USA
As an ICAN partner and representatives of the victims of Nuclear testing, we endorse this appeal.
Alan Owen
Member LABRATS International (Legacy of the Atomic Bomb. Recognition of Atomic Test Survivors), UK
As a child born in Mangareva archipelago (French Polynesia) the most affected and infected by radioactive particles for 30 years, it is well beyond time to stop the proliferation and use of nuclear weapons. Redirect the billions of expenditure toward environmental programs to hand over a liveable world to our children.
Ena Manuireva
Survivor of French nuclear tests. Mangareva, French Polynesia and Aotearoa-New Zealand
All peace lovers can get behind this proposal.
Caroline Lane
Member, Flushing Monthly Meeting, USA
Nuclear weapons anywhere and in the control of anyone are a threat to everywhere and everyone on our planet. Existence of even a single nuclear weapon is a continuing danger for humanity as a whole. Weapons – nuclear or otherwise – are manifestations of the pursuit of militarism and militarization which should be shunned by all.
Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury
UN Under-Secretary-General (2002-2007) and Founder of the Global Movement for The Culture of Peace, Bangladesh
The nuclear threat is a global problem, that's why even small countries have to influence bigger ones in the fight posed by weapons of mass destruction. We the people have to commit with this fight and with the dream of disarmament. Now more than ever.
Virginia Bertuzzi
Specialist in arms control, disarmament and nonproliferation, Italy
It is rational to reach the total elimination of all nuclear weapons globally by 2045
Dr. Vladimir Kozin
Leading Expert, Russian Academy of Military Sciences and MGIMO, Russia
Of all human demons the myth of nuclear deterrence may turn out the worst lie of all_.if we are not able to reveal and abandon that threat. Think GREAT! Act GRETA!
Hendrik J.L. Bullens
Prof. of Conflict & Peace Studies, Eurasian National University (ENU), Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
Protect the world from annihilation.
Enny Cramer
Grannies Peace Brigade Philadelphia, USA
End investments in the nuclear weapons industry, and redirect these resources to tackle the world's real threats around climate change, biodiversity - and realising the SDGs.
Kajsa Övergaard
Deputy Director, Right Livelihood Foundation, Sweden
This appeal is a call to sanity and a radical shift from the long obsolete notion that security can be attained by building more destructive weapons to the concept of Human Security that can only be fully achieved when every man, woman, and child on earth has access to good nutrition, safe drinking water, healthcare, education, remunerative employment, an unpolluted environment, rule of law, human rights, democratic freedoms and the right to a secure life in peace and harmony with others.
Garry Jacobs
President and CEO, World Academy of Art & Science
Imagine redirecting the $100 billion spent each year on nuclear weapons - we really could protect people, the planet, prosperity, partnership and peace.
Brett Martin
Director of Volunteers, United Nations Association of Australia (NSW), Australia
Let's not end existence with a boom!
Loren Wieland
Retired, USA
If not now, when.
Sylvia Boyes
Quaker, UK
We are fast approaching the moment when we can no longer provide for Peace, nor for the continuation of Life itself. We must do our utmost to help change the way of Humanity’s thinking, to realise that there is no need for nuclear weapons. This can only be achieved through developing The Spiritual Culture and spiritual enrichment of all the peoples.
Tolegen Mukhamejanov
President, International Association of Peace through Culture. Co-Chair of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture. Former Director of the State Opera and Ballet Theatre. Kazakhstan
Although national security is widely perceived to depend on military strength, more weapons do not provide more security. Peace within and among nations depends in part on replacing ignorance and unjustified fears with mutual understanding and trust.
Representative Jasmine Krotkov
Member of the Montana State Legislature. USA
To make the world nuclear weapon-free is of most utmost importance. It would also free colossal budgets to protect humankind from other threats, such as global warming and dramatic decline in biodiversity.
Henk Groenewegen
Professor Emeritus, Anatomy and Neuroscience, NVMP Dutch affiliate IPPNW Netherlands
Re-discover the unitary reciprocity of all beings. Stop playing high stakes with life. Eliminate all support, financial or otherwise, for nuclear weapons. Adopt collaboration, cooperation, negotiation, to resolve all conflicts and differences.
Bruna Nota
Former President, Conscience Canada
The US and Russia should renounce preemptive first-strike and launch of ICBMs on warning, demonstrated by eliminating land-based ICBMs
Daniel Ellsberg
Author, The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner. Co-author, The Pentagon Papers. Senior Research Fellow, Political Economy Research Institute. Amherst MA, USA
We all live on one planet/one earth so we MUST work together that we all may live.
Barby Ulmer
President/Director, Our Developing World, USA
World free of nuclear weapons, no double standards.
Sahar Alqawasmi
Member, National Council. Palestine
How can the powerful nuclear club of nations waste money on their nuclear stockpiles when they cannot even provide something as basic as ventilators during Covid to their citizens? The new normal must be built on the basis of complete abolition of nuclear weapons. Only then can we truly build back better!
Kehkashan Basu
Founder/President, Green Hope Foundation, Canada
When the power of love will be greater than the power of killing and weapons, the world will be a paradise
Divina Maloum
Founder, Children for Peace. Winner 2019 International Children's Peace Prize. Cameroon
United Nations Peace Keeping Forces Council of South East Asia implements Peace Missions without Guns. We support always a Nuclear-Weapon-Free World.
Amb. Datuk. Dr. Aphinita Chaichana
Global Commander in Chief, United Nations Peace Keeping Forces Council of South East Asia. Member, One Planet Network. Thailand.
Sanity demands Nuclear free World for survival and continuation of human generations
Ehtisham Rana
President, Peace and Humanity Foundation. Pakistan
In the world we are suffering from various threats such as poverty, global warming, pandemic, water shortage; there is no need for anymore threats! Instead of taking more lives we need collaboration to fix existing threats!
Natasha Shokri
UNESCO Youth Peace Ambassador. Iran
Conversation about nuclear weapons - their dangers and their fate is on mute. Without initiatives such as the appeal, war planners and their enabling weapons manufacturers will remain unaccountable to taxpayers who, inadvertently, are paying to risk getting char-broiled.
Peter Rickwood
Founder, Atomic Reporters. Canada/Austria
"We Want Books, Not Nukes!"
Kehkashan Basu
Founder-President, Green Hope Foundation. Canada
Double standards and exceptionalism are undermining the credibility of the non-proliferation regime. The goal of a nuclear weapons free world can only be achieved through the conclusion of a universal, verifiable and non-discriminatory, comprehensive convention on nuclear weapons. The Geneva-based Conference on Disarmament (CD), the world’s single multilateral disarmament negotiating body, remains the most ideal forum for concluding such a convention.
Senator Sehar Kamran
Patron-in-Chief, Centre for Pakistan and Gulf Studies. Pakistan
Peace is a human right. The absence of a nuclear threat would move us toward a peaceful co-existence.
Cheryl Hayles
Vice-President, International Alliance of Women, North America
This appeal is critical to the salvation of the planet and all life on it. Anything less is suicidal. Nuclear states in particular must put life before profits or power.
Rosemarie Pace
Pax Christi, USA
Aside from the unacceptable risk posed by nuclear weapons, all nuclear technology has been superceeded by more efficient, cheaper forms of energy generation. The urgency of climate change is being hijacked by huge subsidies for nuclear power to maintain nuclear weapons through the exchange of nuclear skills, while innovation is starved of resources.
Caroline Lanyon
Salisbury Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. UK
Since our 1988 founding, CCNS has supported a Nuclear Weapon Free World. We are located downwind of Los Alamos National Laboratory, the only laboratory capable of fabricating plutonium pits. Redirecting funds cut from the nuclear weapons budget would help remedy the harms inflicted on communities downwind and downstream of LANL.
Joni Arends
Co-founder and Executive Director, Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety. USA
A complete lockdown because Belgium has only 1,900 intensive care beds in its hospitals. What if NATO HQ in Brussels is attacked with just one nuclear weapon? How many intensive care beds do we need and are still available?
Tom Sauer
Professor International Politics, Universiteit Antwerpen, Belgium
Deterrence owes more to national egotism than reality. Far from keeping nations safe, nuclear weapons threaten the continued existence of nations.
Cmdr Robert Forsyth
Retired Royal Navy Commander, UK
The nuclear arms states have a legal obligation under the Non-Proliferation Treaty to eliminate their nuclear stockpiles. Hanging on to these weapons just encourages other non-nuclear arms states to acquire them.
Anne Morris
Salmon Arm Ecumenical KAIROS Committee, Canada
The NPT Article VI shall be respected.
General (ret) Francis Lenne
"Turn the plowshares into pruning hooks." Let us use the money for nuclear weapons to reduce poverty, unemployment, support public health for all and bring greater equality to all.
Sr. Jeanne d'Arc Untz
Sisters of St. Francis, Clinton IA, USA
There’s no peace without development and there’s no development without peace.
Abdullahi Bindawa
Center for Nonviolence & Peace Studies, Nigeria
Our children deserve a nuclear-weapon-free world.
Tamara Lorincz
Canadian Foreign Policy Institute, Canada
The existence of nuclear weapons makes an accidental discharge of a weapon possible, let alone the destruction of the whole world through a nuclear war. I am against the use of all, even peaceful uses of nuclear power as it is an environmental catastrophe if something goes wrong, e.g. Chernobyl.
Heulwen Baworowska
Global Women's Strike, UK
Nuclear Weapons waste money and resources and have no part to play in our future world
Dr Peter Gloyns
Member of Salisbury CND, UK
It's far overdue and so much more needs to be done to rid us of the scourge of nuclear weapons
Barbara Warren
Physicians for Social Responsibility, Arizona Chapter, USA
There are plenty of sustainable energy sources and we as a species need to learn self moderation in this area. There is no need nor excuse to use nuclear, EVER! Thank you
Deirdra McMenamin
CEO, Kind i Garden 4 Grown Ups, New Zealand
No-one 'wins' a nuclear war - the deployment of even a handful of today's high-powered nuclear weapons would wipe out life on earth. The nuclear arms race is an obscenity - it must not be allowed to continue.
Karen du Fresne
New Zealand
Nuclear war is a crime against humanity
Dr. Hans Köchler
President, International Progress Organization, Austria
Eliminate the bombs and you eliminate the threat. Eliminate the threat and you eliminate the fear. Eliminate the fear and you might come to Peace
Rev Michael Perry
Retired Catholic Priest, USA
No doubt nuclear weapon countries feel that their weapons are only meant to deter others and are confident that meanwhile they have very safe Command and Control procedures. Even if all that is true, laws of probablility say that with so many weapons in existence, sooner or later one will be launched by mistake. The only way to prevent that catastrophe is to get rid of them.
Jawaharlal Nehru University, India
Ending Nuclear Weapons is One of the Most Important & Imminent Issues in International Human Rights Advocacy
Joshua Cooper
Hawai'i Institute for Human Rights, USA
No Nukes!
Grant Francis Donohue
People for Nuclear Disarmament, Australia
Silence only places us alongside the oppressor- lets take up how we wish to live and connect to our lives, this Life.
Merrill Simmons-Hansen
Member, Tauranga Moana Women for Peace, New Zealand
Peace can only happen when we are all equal and without fear from weapons of mass destruction.
Cllr Audrey Doig
Member, Renfrewshire City Council, Scotland
Threatening destruction is not what will being us together. Only Love ❤️ can prevail.
Paul Van Beveren
My Prague Attic, Czech Republic
Because of so many other terrible things happening in the U.S., people tend to forget about serious risk of the nuclear weapons. Genesee Valley Citizens for Peace (New York State) is proud to endorse this call for nuclear sanity.
Dr Arnold Matlin, M.D.
Founding Member, Genesee Valley Citizens for Peace. USA
We will evolve as humankind when we finally eliminate nuclear weapons.
Nelson Betancourt
Executive Director, AWAKENING: art & culture, USA
A concern for humanity should be at the centre of ensuring a livable planet for current and future generations. Nuclear disarmament and fighting climate change are essential to creating a planet we are proud to pass on.
Aoife Fleming
UN Youth Representative on Sustainable Development. Netherlands
All weapons whether nuclear or other are such a waste of money and devastating to the environment. Let us dedicate our resources to diplomacy, peace initiatives, feeding the world and giving everyone chances for good health, education and happiness.
Deborah Williams
Quaker, New Zealand
Nobody is winner in nuclear warfare. It is Mad (Mutual agreed Destruction). It is our most and far most duty to keep the world safe for future generation spreading message about abolition of nuclear weapons.
Balkrishna Kurvey
President, Indian Institute for Peace Disarmament & Environmental Protection . India
Arrogancy and blindness towards the total destructive power of nuclear weapons have led and still lead to the political strategy of governments piling up nuclear weapons. They are an utmost threat to all human beings and to the planet and an insane waste of huge sums of money.
Heide Schütz
Frauennetzwerk für Frieden e.V. Germany
The human race and the nuclear arms race cannot coexist, and the money wasted on nuclear weapons is a theft from critical human needs. The United States and Russia must demonstrate leadership and cooperation to stop the burgeoning arms race and lead the other nuclear-armed nations toward nuclear abolition.
Leonard Eiger
Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action, USA
The only nuclear power we need is the sun
Rik Myers
CEO, Down to Earth. USA
We humans in our short-sightedness and tribal fears are steadily destroying our earthly home. Let us marshall our collective ingenuity and manifold resources both to create common purpose across our differences and to secure basic rights and freedom from fear throughout our global community. Future generations will thrive and praise our work.
David C Hall MD
Past President, Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility. USA
Annual world military spending is over $1,800 billion while over 19,000 children die each year from preventable causes. That money is enough to eliminate starvation globally and improve health everywhere. The role of the Security Council has been shameful. It must be replaced with a Peace & Development Council (with membership of all Nations) to focus on solving the big global problems.
Chris Greenwood
Founder & Curator,Red Line Art Works. UK
We must prevent what we cannot cure. As long as nuclear weapons exist, there is a risk that thet can be used. Support The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and get rid of these weapons of mass destruction.
Signe Flottorp
Chair of the board of IPPNW Norway
Every country should enact domestic legislation to give full force to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and all preceding international law relevant to nuclear weapons, their development, financing, possession, deployments, threats to use, and so forth. Every politician who advocates, promotes, or supports nuclear weapons should be debarred for life from any public office for contributing and encouraging others to participate in an existential threat to humanity and the planet.
Geoffrey Darnton
Author - Nuclear Weapons and International Law, UK
Cindy Carter
Retired, USA
The use of these weapons is a danger to the whole world. The money used to create/stockpile these weapons would be much more beneficial if it were used to heal our world rather than destroy it.
Helena Robb
Retired teacher, Canada
Now is the time to get every country with Nuclear Weapons to take leadership role and get rid of their Nuclear Weapons, with USA taking the lead.
Sidney Kiyoshi Ikeda
President, Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre. Canada
There is no way to peace peace is the way
Barbara G Harris
Granny Peace Brigade, USA
Abolish nukes before they terminate us.
Dr David Bezanson, Ph.D.
Member, Sierra Club, and the Security Committee of Physicians for Social Responsibility, USA
Ignorance about the United Nations is widespread. I suggest free copies of the Charter are given to all secondary schools
Bruce Kent
Pax Christi, UK
"All nine countries' having 14,000 Nuclear Weapons in the very world and the use or misuse of all weapons will be the murder of humanity at large scale. All Nuclear Power countries should declare and announce the 'No use of Nuclear Weapons will be done ever' because on the other hand all are promoting peace building countries as well. This double standard policy is not a good strategy. I also request to United Nations and other peace promoting organizations please convince the 9 Nationalities to come on the table, dialogue and sign a document to abolish and stop promoting nuclear weapons.
Faisal Ilyas
Executive Secretary, Peace Center Lahore, Pakistan
We are stewards of the planet and must look after it with great care.
Omega DeMello
Pax Christi, Canada
It is insane to invest in weapons of mass destruction as opposed to investing in healing our planet, eliminating poverty, investing in all of our children's lives. Let us imagine what a beautiful world that would be!
Litsa Binder
Board Member, New Jersey Peace Action, USA
I support Nuclear-Weapon-Free World: Protect People and the Planet
Lt.Gen. Rantastia Nur Alangan
President, Soldiers of Peace International Association (SPIA) Indonesia
Move the (nuclear weapons) money to sustainable, socially responsible activities.
Marlene Ware
Tauranga Moana Women for Peace, Aotearoa-New Zealand
Our previous prime minister described the UK's nuclear weapons as "an insurance policy". Apparently the UK joined the US in waging war in Iraq in 2003 because we suspected them of having an insurance policy.
Phil Entwistle
Retired local government official (UK)
Let's do this together for the sake of our children's future world.
Lyn Adamson
Co-Chair, Canadian Voice of Women for Peace, Canada
These weapons are useless provide no security and their menace undiminished. That world with nuclear weapons can be manageable is dangerous pipedream. Elimination and prohibition by common agreement is only way out of this madness. Technology fails to fix it but fuels arms race and increases instability.
Sheel Kant Sharma
Council for Social Development, India
A nuclear-weapon-free world is vital in helping us address climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic, and social and economic injustices. Let us use the positive forces of wisdom, beauty, insight, and humor that enlightens to heal discord. May we join together in intelligently sharing and preserving our beautiful planet.
Paul Ré
Artist, writer, founder of Paul Bartlett Ré Peace Prize, USA
No More Killing. 75 years too long and late for future generations
Bill Bhaneja
Senior Advisor and Member Governing Council, Center for Global Nonkilling
We need a new consciousness which enables us to connect our heart, mind and soul. Such an integral consciousness integrates our conscience in everything we do. It clearly cannot accommodate the genocidal mentality which after 75 years still prevails in the politicians of the nuclear weapons states, in scientists who continue to develop those weapons and in ordinary citizens unaware that their silence allows the powerful to continue this immoral madness.
Rev Renate Rose
Member, Peace Action. Retired pastor, USA
In light of the devastating consequences of the use of nuclear weapons and the tremendous needs in the world, I strongly support dismantling all nuclear stockpiles and diverting the funding for their production and maintenance to constructive endeavors in an effort to achieve the sustainable development goals agreed to by all UN member nations.
Robert L Barnhart
Chapter President, Greater Lansing United Nations Association (Michigan), USA
Explain: " Endless War Rumsfeld, Chaney, Bush Endless Killing!
Bill Kokell
Board Member, Veterans for Peace (VFP) South Country Peace Group. USA
Abolishing nuclear weapons is overriding issue! I've protested since 1945!!
Linda Davis
There is no such thing as 'nuclear deterrence' ('mutual assured destruction') and there never has been. It is just a figment of a collective insanity.
Richard Keller
Community activist, New Zealand
Is nuclear war more likely on purpose, or by blunder? Deterrence theory is dead.
Lorin Peters
One-Person Vigil Conversations, USA
This appeal reconfirms the Russell-Einstein Manifesto of 1955 on which the World Academy was founded and it is as true and urgent today as it was then. It is time for a radical shift in thinking and policy from competitive national security for the strongest to cooperative human security for all humanity and a redirection of investments to address the eminent threats to human security -- nuclear arms, the pandemic, climate change, economic inequality and the like.
Garry Jacobs
President and CEO, World Academy of Art & Science. India
Remember, 'No nuclear weapons for anyone!' was the unanimous demand at the first meeting of the United Nations in January 1946, following humankind's collective horror of the utter destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945. Its the one thing every one of us humans can still agree deep down.
Stuart Stephenson
Member, Kent Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, UK
Peace and love were installed in mankind. Love is a second policy in the purpose of mankind's creation. What is the purpose of keeping nuclear weapons while the only environment we have is turning fatal. The IPCC report is significant for us to change if we at all calima to be stewards of the earth.
Sh.Ishmael Amini
Secretary-General, URI~National Interfaith & Intercultural Association. Malawi
We have the opportunity to do this now: abolish nuclear weapons from our planet before they abolish us all.
Bob Zeigler
Member, Pax Christi USA
Veterans For Peace has many members who have experienced the senseless brutality of war. We shudder to think of the massive death and destruction of civilization that would result from a nuclear war. All the peoples of the world must demand that our political leaders take affirmative steps to put the nuclear era behind us.
Gerry Condon
Former President, Veterans for Peace. USA
We must be more committed than ever to commit via our actions to end the threat of nuclear war. Commit to No First Use. Reject financing modernization of nuclear weapons. The US must lead the way in redefining what "security" is: eliminating nuclear weapons and zero carbon emissions.
Paula Paul
Granny Peace Brigade Philadelphia. USA
The People and Planet Appeal predicates "human flourishing and human betterment" as foundational to the continuance of our human species. The sympathies of our nuclear weapons abolition coalition with the UN Office of Human Rights, the Office of Disarmament Affairs' initiative "Peace Education as a New Literacy", and the SDGs, are all part of our clarion call toward activism in all of the social welfare issues implicated therein.
Melvin Hardy
Lay Ministry, All Souls Church, USA
I want my grandchildren to live in a world that is safe from threat of nuclear weapons.
Winifred Jackson
Retired university lecturer, New Zealand
The insecurity of one is the insecurity of all. We must therefore give up on our wills to destroy humanity and uphold dignity. I therefore join this campaign against nuclear weapons unto a sustainable world free for living for all.
Opeyemi Oyetunji
Executive Secretary, Cultural Youth Initiative Movement of Nigeria
As every war is cruel, an atomic attack is even 'Compostela irresponsible.'
Herbert Peherstorfer
Former Board Member, IFOR Austria
Nuclear weapons remain the greatest threat to continued human existence, even more than climate change. The imagination and political will to eliminate them must be found.
Dr Adam Stanley Wilkins
Biologist, teacher, scholar, writer, editor. Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. Germany
Our planet and its people are precious. Let us nurture, not destroy.
Rosalind Irving
Psychotherapist and teacher. Counselling Psychology Services. Environmentalist. Activist. Canada/USA
Leaders, please LEAD and back the world away from the posture of mutually assured destruction. It doesn't matter how many people convert to electric cars or get solar energy. The looming risk of nuclear war - nuclear winter - has a far higher impact and can overshadow all those smaller efforts by engaged civil society. Leave a planet for our grandkids.
Christa Brenan
Private citizen. Canada
All nuclear states should adopt a no first use policy.
Giorgio Parisi
Scientist, Rome University la Sapienza. Nobel Prize winner in physics 2021. Italy
The threat of nuclear war is growing larger. This is one of the twin threats of extinction, along with the climate crisis. It's completely suicidal and unnecessary. The world wants peace and cooperation, not annihilation.
Cynthia Papermaster
Chapter Coordinator, CODEPINK SF Bay Area, USA
As a physician, I know there will be no physicians, no treatment, no world as we know it left . The only solution is NO nuclear weapons.
Dr Huguette Hayden
Member, IPPNW Canada
In recent years, some of the world’s largest military powers have adopted increasingly aggressive and openly hostile tone and tactics during the U.N. General Assembly’s First Committee meeting. This has stymied progress on a range of topics, especially nuclear weapons. As the 2021 session approaches I urge states to move past this recent acrimony.
Cherrill M. Spencer
Co-chair DISARM/End Wars Committee, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. USA
Singing in colors Angels bring stars of promise: Peace is possible Peace roots reach so deep delving our despair to live, Hope becomes the is. "Peace in the valley" People sing their hearts' desire; Our soul knows the way. ~ Elizabeth Barger
Elizabeth Barger
Board Member, PeaceRoots Alliance, USA
A nuclear exchange of as few as 5 but no more than 20 nuclear weapons will cause a nuclear autumn, exposing as many as 1 billion people to starvation. Imagine 1 billion people on the move looking for food.
David Patterson
Member, Veterans for peace, USA
In nuclear wars, except the evil force, no one wins. Science and humanity become villains. Nuclear weapons offer us nothing but a balance of terror, and a balance of terror is still terror. So long as nuclear weapons continue to exist, so will the temptation to threaten others with overwhelming military force. For the sake of future generations, we must continue to work together to realise a world without nuclear weapons.
Anukriti Suryavansh
Student, City Montessori School, Lucknow. India
This initiative is crucial to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and ensuring peace in the world
Alcides José Fuschini Bizarro
Head of the Culture and Social Development Division, Municipality of Grândola, Portugal
Not eliminating all nuclear weapons ASAP demonstrates an egregious lack of common sense in the world's Powers-That-Be. If we are to avoid a highly probable nuke weapon catastrophe, Main Street must bring about the greatest degree of peaceful pressure possible on said Powers. Everyone can contribute.
Scott C. Haley
Author: "The Beginning of the Path to Human Extinction and How to Get Off It - Notes on a Paradigm Shift" (2022), USA
Unless nuclear weapons are prohibited by international law, unless they are totally abolished, the threat and danger of nuclear weapons cannot be eliminated.
Oyunsuren Damdinsuren
Senior Lecturer, National University of Mongolia
War preparations and the resources that go into it, by any sane estimation, are madness and will result in the destruction of the world.
Richard Rice
Code Pink, Mexico
I am 89 years old and hope to see a day with no nuclear weapons before I die. We need to get with it.
Robert Hanson
Democratic World Federalists, USA
Spending vast amounts of money on nuclear weapons is immoral and the money should be spent on more socially beneficial areas such as the climate crisis
Ian Pocock
London Campaign Against Arms Trade, UK
A perfect example of how we spend more on destruction than development in the current international system - let's change that together!
Alexandre MacIsaac
Executive Director, World Federalist Movement - Canada
Elimination of all nuclear weapons is essential to the survival of humankind. Further to this, all lethal weapons should be eliminated. Lethal weapons will always pose a danger to the world and risk escalation of the technology into nuclear devices. Humans can ensure protection against violence and the maintenance of international justice without lethal weapons. Technology will be required for protection but it can be nonlethal. If all lethal weapons are eliminated, this will obviously include all nuclear weapons.
Andrew Greig
Coordinator, Nonlethal Security for Peace Campaign. Australia
Nothing is more than being human in this life, for humanity to thrive we need to rethink our relationship with one another regardless of skin colour or religion, coming together as one is the only answer for safer future. Let's think human and act for humanity without selfishness.
Ibrahim Inusa
Founder and President, Nature Conservation Advocates for Climate Initiative, Nigeria
The deterrence doctrine has too many potential lethal side- effects, and should be removed from the agenda of all nations.
Barbara Birkett MDCM
International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, Canada
Listen our Global Appeal to end the nuclear threat, abolish nuclear weapons and shift the weapons budgets and investments to support public health, COVID-19 recovery, the climate and sustainable development. It is time to promote a common civilizing project that despises the use of force and inhuman weapons. Get on the right side of history.
Laura Alonso Cano
President, WILPF España
No one wins with might and war. Put resources and money into real security needs - education, health care, day care and affordable housing to name a few.
Carol McAndrew
Co-Chair, KAIROS, Canada
To make this world free from nuclear war fear. Where everyone has rights to education and basic need. Were government focuses on progressing for making a better place not preparing for wars.
Manju Rawat
Assitant teacher, CMS Aliganj1. India
I was born in the Autumn of 1942 when the finishing touches were being put to the first atomic weapon. I would love to see the next generation free of nuclear weapons.
Barry Samuel
Labour Party, UK
There are no winners in a Nuclear War, why waste the money keeping them?
David Anthony Burnley
Retired, UK
Nuclear Free world is important for the twenty first century.
Pingla Udit
Researcher in African conflict areas and internationally, South Africa
The existence of life is a miracle and our planet is a paradise. We must protect and improve on this gift for the generations to come.
Franca De Angelis
Retired educator. Canada
There can be no winners when nuclear weapons are used. Give humanity a chance of survival.
Mike Antoniades
Private citizen. USA
I strongly support the recent resolution of the U.N. making nuclear weapons illegal and support redirecting the money currently spent on nuclear weapons to resolve world problems of climate change, inequality, poverty and education.
Yvonne Duncan QSM
Patron, Peace Foundation Aotearoa NZ
A dream: “No more war, never again war”
Dolores Hall
Peace Quest, Canada
I fully support the moratorium on nuclear weapons budgets, the end of investments in the nuclear weapons industry, and redirection of these investments and budgets to support the response and recovery from the COVID-19, drastic reductions in carbon emissions and financing for the SDGs.
Anselmo Lee
Co-Representative, Pax Christi, Korea
Current British and U.S. plans for "modernizing" and adding to the countries' nuclear weapons are terrible ideas! Foolhardy -- and the money is needed for positive uses!
Joan Goddard
Womens International League for Peace and Freedom, USA
Shut down the war machine NOW! The future generations are at risk!
Roberta Ahlquist
Women's International League for Peace & Freedom. USA
The Treaty is just the beginning. We have much work to do.
David Adams
Coordinator, Culture of Peace News Network, France
Member states need to redirect funds to meet the needs of the people.
Tina Shelton
Co-Chair, Womens International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) Greater Philly Branch. USA
It's now or never. We must act NOW! The world is burning, people are dying, the children are waiting for peace. How many times must we ask for change before it is too late?
Elly Pradervand
President/CEO, Women's World Summit Foundation, Switzerland
To say we have nuclear weapons to stop others from using theirs against us is like saying we have snakes to stop snakes from elsewhere biting us.
Asokan Ponnusamy
CEO at ThirdMillennium, India
The schisms are not between nations; they are between governments and the military-industrial complex that governments advocate for on the one hand, and Global Civil Society on the other.
Geoff Holland
Convenor, World Peace Now, Australia
Quaker Council for European Affairs fully endorses this appeal and calls on Europe's responsibility to work towards a nuclear-weapon-free world.
Olivia Caeymaex
Peace Programme Director, Quaker Council for European Affairs. Belgium
As former Secretary-General of Parliamentarians for Global Action, which was instrumental in the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty and being originally from South Asia where India and Pakistan are eye-ball to eye-ball with nuclear and conventional weapons I urge all nations to a Nuclear Weapons-Free World. Mutual Assured Destruction is spelt MAD for a reason.
Shazia Z Rafi
President, Sustainable World Inc, USA
We have been reminded yet again that it is too risky to trust political leaders, or anyone else, with the nuclear button. Nations of the world have cast their vote in favour of complete elimination of nuclear weapons, and this vote must be respected.
Professor Abdul Hameed Nayyar (ret)
Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan
These are the weapons that we, the human species have, to our shame, created. In my view, the presence of these demonic weapons and their potential use, pollutes not only the planet but the human soul.
Anne Baring
Jungian Analyst and Author, UK
There is no time to lose in building huge international pressure on the nuclear weapons states, first of all the USA which has used and continues to threaten other states, to rid the planet of this scourge.
Henry S Lowendorf
Chair, Greater New Haven Peace Council. USA
At present it appears that the global imperative of the reduction in the current number of nuclear weapons and their eventual abolition and illegality has slowed, perhaps mostly due to (i) the present Covid19 pandemic and (ii) the now ongoing threat to the planet from climate change. The "Protect People and the Planet: Appeal for a Nuclear-Weapon-Free World" campaign is therefore extremely important and most timely.
Peter Bernard Archer
Pax Christi Mt. Maunganui, Aotearoa New Zealand
The Last Error!!!
Pantelis Ikonomou
Former IAEA nuclear safeguards inspector. Greece
The Covid pandemic showed that having nuclear bombs will not protect people and the countries who own them. Nature's reaction is against our action as human beings.
Dr Sima Samar
Special Envoy and State Minister for Human Rights. Afghanistan
End all nuclear weapons before they end all of us.
Amy Harlib
Artistic Director, Yoga For Peace, Justice, Harmony With the Planet. USA
When women are part of the decision making body, a more lasting resolution comes. And a humanitarian perspective is brought to the fore. The international Red Cross and Red Crescent were early supporters of nuclear weapons abolition. There is no winner of a nuclear war and we must eliminate them before they eliminate us.
Lynn Sableman
Board Chair, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. USA
Golden Rule sails for a Nuclear-Free World and a Peaceful, Sustainable Future!
Helen Jaccard
Project Manager of the Golden Rule peace boat. USA
A Culture of Peace can be brought about through disarmament. It is time to return to the shared understanding that a nuclear war cannot be won and must not be fought, to the collective agreement that we should work towards a world free of nuclear weapons, and to the spirit of cooperation that enabled historic progress towards their elimination.
Mohd Vasim
Member, Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organisation (CTBTO) Youth Group. India
There is no agreement to the mass mutual genocidal suicide pact which possessor states assume.
Mike Kiely
Founder, The Bit Commons. UK
Nuclear war is unwinnable, so paying to create and maintain arsenals is a waste of money that is needed elsewhere.
Hunter Lovins
President, Natural Capitalism Solutions. USA
I support Target 2045 to eliminate all nuclear weapons. These weapons should never have been created and built in the first place.
Cindy Carter
Member, Citizens Climate Lobby. USA
Any weapon whose use will inevitably kill innocents (noncombatants) is inherently immoral and must be eliminated from the planet
Gustaaf Vandermeeren
Programmer. USA
It is such a beautiful planet! Why destroy it?
Jutta Bertram-Nothnagel
Vice-President, Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy. USA
The use of nuclear weapons would be a crime against humanity. The extravagant spending by nations on nuclear weapons is a theft from present and future generations. WILPF US calls for peace, based on justice and environmental sustainability.
Darien De Lu
President, Women's Int'l League for Peace & Freedom US Section
As a Raging Granny I sing, "Stop making this stuff!"
Veterans for Peace, USA
Nuclear war would be a disastrous calamity and should therefore never be fought!
Sven Clement MP
Member of the Parliament for the Piraten Party. Luxembourg
Indeed, a nuclear war cannot be won; makes sense to join with all the nuclear weapons enabled countries and ban not only further production, but destroy all 14,000 of these weapons currently in existence. From a medical perspective, as in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, the medical fallout would be horrendous and no way could we handle the radiation sicknesses that would be encountered....a nightmare!
Charles Barker MD
Chair, Board of Trustees, Charter for Compassion. USA
Whether or not we realise it, nuclear weapons mean lives grounded in fear. They make us less secure, not more. That is no way to live.
Nick Grief
Emeritus Professor of Law, UK
It's time to end the terrible waste of money and resources spent on creating and maintaining nuclear weapons and redirect to where its needed most, to the health and welfare of people and the planet.
Misha Coleman
Mayor of Yarra City, Australia
We must do all we can to ensure our grandchildren have a safe world to live in.
Tracy W Powell
Founder, No More Bombs. USA
'If we also take into account the risk of an accidental detonation as a result of error of any kind, the threat of their use as well as their very possession,is to be firmly condemned'--- Pope Francis 2017 about nuclear weapons.
Bruce Kent
President, Movement for the Abolition of War
The nuclear weapons possessed by nine countries threaten us all." we must work together to make this clear to everyone, worldwide.
Jean Anderson
Secretary, SNP Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. Scotland
If I live until 2045, I will have lived all my life until then under the nuclear shadow, in a world where millions of ordinary people like me die because the trillions of dollars that could have saved them went to “save the world from war” by stockpiling nuclear weapons.
Audrey van Ryn
New Zealand
Let us not only abolish nuclear weapons, but war in general. Let us focus on healing environmentally and socially so we can appreciate the beauty of life.
Paul Re
Founder of the Paul re Peace Prize, USA
The existence of nuclear weapons is the pinnacle of the threat system. - a system which , for our common security, requires conversion to one of non-violence and cooperation.
Janis Alton
Past Co-Chair, Canadian Voice of Women for Peace. Canada
Stop the absurdity of a resumption of the nucleair arms race. It is now one world or none!
Edy Korthals Altes
Former Ambassador. Former Honorary President of Religions for Peace. Netherlands
I think that the date 2045 is too far and dangerous. It must be done much earlier. Funds from nuclear weapons must also be redirected to poverty and children slavery like happens in Africa and Asia. We must dismantle the high alert launch misiles in USA and Russia that endanger the world in case of mistakes or hackingby terrorist.
Menahem Marcello Brodchandel
Advisor, Amnesty and ICAN, Israel
We must get rid of nuclear weapons - before they get rid of us!
Brian Jones
CND Cymru, Wales
This could be our last chance! Humankind is better than this... We cannot sit back and let the "BOMB" be used, or stored here anymore!
Sister Jean Fallon
Member, Maryknoll Sisters, USA
Nuclear arsenals are tools for mass extinction. Why are we building more? Short-term profit for a small number of weapons companies. We need to devote our wealth to preserving peace, to serving humanity, and to saving the planet.
Gar Smith
Environmentalists Against War
The Decade of Action requires of us to do and be better across all sectors, levels of Governance and society. This includes a nuclear free world that leaves no one behind.
Dumiso Gatsha
Executive Director, Success Capital, Botswana
Abolish Nuclear Weapons Now! These are a dire existential threat to humanity.
Sukla Sen
Founder member, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace, India
Les ressources financières affectées aux dépenses liées aux armes nucléaires et armes lourdes peuvent être réaffectatées aux financements des droits humains à savoir la santé, l'éducation, la protection de l'environnement et l'amélioration des conditions de vie des populations dans les mécanismes de prévention des maladies à impact désastreux communautaires comme la pandémie du Covid19.
Bassiratou Idrissou TRAORÉ
Présidente du Groupe WILPF, Togo
Nuclear war can never be won and must never be fought.
John Hand
Intercultural Dimensions, USA
United Conscious Wisdom Promotes World peace -Avoid Nuclear catastrophe.
Dr Vidyardhi Nanduri
Independant Researcher, Cosmology Vedas, India
El derecho al desarme es componente esencial del derecho humano a la paz. Elimination of nuclear weapons is an essential component of the human right to peace
Carlos Villán Durán
President, Asociación Española para el Derecho Internacional de los Derechos Humanos, Spain
The Covid pandemic with its health, social and economic consequences and the global climate crisis make us dramatically aware of how much each individual and the human species depends on peace, international cooperation, détente and (nuclear) disarmament. Disarmament instead of armament!
Kathrin Vogler MdB
Member of the Bundestag. Spokesperson on peace policy for DIE LINKE. Germany
The weapons of war must be abolished before they abolish us.
Saima Khan
City Montessori School, Lucknow. India
It is vital to human survival that the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons be ratified ASAP and that the number of ratifications be rapidly increased and implemented.
John Langmore
Professorial Fellow, Melbourne University, Australia
We need to get rid of nuclear weapons NOW before accidents, terrorists or unstable governments use them.
Dr Richard Denton
Chair, FOR (Friends of Rotary) Prevention of Nuclear War, Canada
We all need to focus on the sustainability of our fragile planet; one of the first steps is to continue to disarm our nuclear arsenals, as we've already done with chemical and biological weapons, and move towards a world free of all weapons of mass destruction.
Dr. Paul F. Walker
International Program Director, Green Cross International, USA
"Is Nuclear War More Likely on Purpose or by Blunder?"
Lorin Peters
Member, Pax Christi Northern California. USA
The global challenges facing every government need all the attention and funding available, in particular the wasteful expenditures in nuclear weapons, and the military in general. For the sake of future generations, get the priorities right and invest in the SDGs
Hans R Herren
President, Millennium Institute. Switzerland/USA
As Albert Einstein warned, we will either abolish nuclear weapons or we will incinerate ourselves.
Mark Muhich
Let us each promise, now, to do all we can to urge our own government, and then other governments, to abolish all nuclear, and other, weapons of mass destruction as soon as possible, out of respect for the lives of our children and the long future of humanity on earth.
Christopher Browne
Sole proprietor. Castikipots Ltd. UK
Nuclear arms could easily be the end of the world as we know it.
Loren Wieland
Retired. USA
All weapons shall fall to dust.
Tanja Ranke
Woolies for Peace. Germany
Let us work together to eliminate nuclear weapons long before 2045, if possible!
Earl Turcotte
Chair, Canadian Network to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. Canada
Stop War Industry, Invest in Future Generations
Hans van Willenswaard
Advisor, Right Livelihood College campus Bangkok. Thailand
Without peace, there can be no sustainable development and prosperity. War is always the last resort in dealing with conflict among humans. If animals fight and don't involve themselves in full scale war, then humans should show better examples by engaging in productive dialogue to resolve conflict instead of resulting in destructive behavior of full scale war. DISARMARMENT is Key.
Aigbomian Blessing
CEO, ISI Body Care products. Nigeria
The international community should be very aware about the gravest threats the humanity are facing as recently, unlike the cold war era, with the sphisticated automatation of the nuclear command and control system,say the artificial intelligence,associated with blurring resort to conventional and nuclear weapons altogether,make nuclear risks highly possible!
Professor Driss Larafi
University college of Kenitra, Morocco
There must be a safer, more healthy and more righteousness world for everyone.
Jan van Frankenhuijzen
Retired Lawyer, The Netherlands
We the people must call for the representatives of the nuclear nations to come together under the auspices of the UN to negotiate the end of nuclear weapons ASAP.
Betty L Traynor
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom - San Francisco Branch, USA
It is about time to end the nuclear threat. From weapons testing on indigenous lands, to nuclear waste, there is no chance for a safe and clean world with this destructive "technology" .
Gunter Hermeyer
Anti nuclear campaigner, Germany
No More Hiroshima! No More Nagasaki! No more budget for nuclear weapons!
Dr Kazuyo Yamane
Ritsumeikan University, Japan
Nuclear weapons are a heinous and anachronistic method to keep false peace. It's absurd to know that our global collective security rests in the hands of unstable and irresponsible purported leaders. Ae need a more secure, peaceful and rationale way to embark on global stability.
Vivian Davidson
Branch President, World Federalism, Vancouver, Canada
Let’s all work together to eliminate the threat of annihilation.
Christine Dunbar
Social Action Chair, Unitarian Universalists of Sussex County NJ. USA
I want every citizen of the world to realize the danger of nuclear war, and the waste of talent and money in the nations that maintain these weapons.
Jonathan Hartfield
Chairman, Anglican Pacifist Fellowship New Zealand
A strengthened United Nations must be central to the organization and work to unit humanity and end wars of aggression. No one nation alone can manage existential, global threats, and nuclear weapons will be seen as necessary until international law offers nations better guarantees of protection. Over time, trust in a capable, fully realized, and fully operational UN will grow. The benefits from membership will accrue as human security...and part of that will be nuclear non-proliferation.
Blake MacLeod
National Board Member, World Federalist Movement, Canada
The risk of nuclear war cannot be reduced nationally, so we need a worldwide initiative to end it which includes people from nuclear states and from states where nuclear weapons are stored.
Ute Finckh-Krämer
Former Member of Parliament. PNND Global Council Member. Germany
Nuclear war should be avoided: such weapons make us all unsafe.
Matthew Cinotti
Sparta United Methodist Church Church and Society Committee, USA
All nuclear weapons should be forbidden and then recycled. The TPPNW is a useful step for doing so. The Nations possessing nuclear weapons should sign it as is the case for all other nations.
Urs Rüegg
Professor emeritus of pharmacology, University of Geneva, Switzerland
We must put an end to the Big Lie that is the foundation for nuclear weapons: that they protect us. Nothing is farther from the truth. Nuclear weapons are the most omnipresent threat to life on Earth, capable of destroying by this afternoon all that we hold dear this morning. Of all the threats to humanity, though, getting rid of nuclear weapons is by far the easiest to accomplish. All it takes is the political will to make a simple choice: to recognize that the only way to end the nuclear threat is to abolish the very weapons that make that threat an ever-present reality. The only money spent on nuclear weapons should be to very carefully take them apart, piece by piece, and to safeguard their toxic legacy in perpetuity.
Brian Watson
Sculptor, Brian Watson Studios, USA
Our biggest threat is not Russia, China or USA but climate change, which places us all under the same risk. Stop investing in war, start investing in peace and prevention and especially in climate mitigation. Start fighting our common problem.
Dr Piet Jansen
NVMP/Artsen voor vrede, Netherlands
Through the Afrin platform, we support and reinforce our rejection of the nuclear race, which the countries that possess nuclear weapons are trying to make of the planet Earth as a holocaust that threatens life on it, and the nuclear arms race contributes to creating wars and crises for which the helpless peoples pay the price! Thus, countries that possess nuclear weapons benefit from energy sources and harness them to develop these weapons at the expense of alternative energy sources and develop them in sustainable development. We ensure the slogan for Non Zone for nuclear weapons and Let's work for nuclear disarmament.
Nidal Joujak
External relationship coordinator, Afrin Platform, Finland
Nuclear is a double-edged sword. Waste after energy production pours into weapons.
Rachel Clark
Life-time member, Veterans For Peace. USA
It's good that people are being warned about possessing nuclear ammunitions and how their presence is harmful. It's a great threat and the power of nuclear weapons is self sufficient to bring down the whole humanity and thus may erase the planet Earth. So it's necessary to publish it online.
Bhavya Kesarwani
Student, City Montessori School, Lucknow. India
As an immediate precaution, the nuclear powers should take MAD retaliation capabilities off a hair-trigger alert to prevent an inadvertent nuclear war.
Pastor Reid Byers
Pastor (Retired), Presbyterian Church
We all have a responsibility to future generations to ensure they inherit a world that is still inhabitable, not a contaminated nuclear wasteland.
Joyce Leeson
Socialist health Association, UK
Paix et sécurité : deux gages pour un développement durable et des droits pour les générations futures. Peace and security: two guarantees for sustainable development and rights for future generations.
Seny Faye
MSDI Consulting. Business manager and Post-PHD researcher. France and Senegal.
I am terrified by the path we have been following; we must change.
John Liss
Lawyer, Canada
Day by day choosing to disarm, to hope, to cherish dignity for all—an act within my and your hands for humanity!
Esther Castain
Soka Gakkai International-USA
Essential to avoid total destruction by nuclear war AND to redirect monies towards ending worldwide income poverty and wealth inequality.
Lorraine Wheeleer
Member, Melbourne Unitarian Peace Memorial Church, Australia
True security will involve shifting investment from nuclear weapons to health promotion, climate and eclogocal catastrophe prevention and recovery, sustainable development and just conflict resolution.
Christopher Gwyntopher
Member of the Society of Friends (Quakers), The Fellowship of Reconciliation and CND, United Kingdom
The money spent on military including nuclear weapons would solve all the worlds problems. It is as simple as that.
Fay Waddington
Retired business women. Activist for peace. Australia
Now it is right time to work on poverty, gender equity and climate crisis and to say big no to nuclear weapons.
Raina Singh
ICSE Coordinator, City Montessori School, Lucknow. India
It is imperative that nuclear weapons be disarmed and related budgets be structured to meet the needs of the peoples of all nations.
Terence A. Lover
Franciscan Action Network; Pax Christi. USA
Nuclear war is not survivable.
Dat Duthinh PhD
Researcher on mitigation of natural hazards. Member of Peace Action, Maryland. USA
Nuclear threats have been nothing but violent and inhumane, fighting countries and its people making the innocent and the poor suffer the most.
Kaela Orcullo
World Youth Alliance, Philippines
Let's invest in dialogue and stop all wars.
Maria Ivone Soares MP
Member of Parliament, Mozambique
Although this campaign started two years ago, we all realize that its relevance has increased after the Russian invasion of Ukraine and Putin's threat to use nuclear weapons. Let us resurrect this campaign to avoid the catastrophe!
Tadatoshi Akiba
Former Mayor of Hiroshima. Japan
For the sake of all humanity and all of creation we must end nuclear weapons for a peaceful future
Marilyn Wilson BVM
Justice Advocate, Sisters of Charity, USA
Nuclear weapons are the most bizarrely destructive and potentially suicidal outcomes of the barbaric strategy of war, for so long a path to power. Relinquishing war’s ‘ultimate weapon’ will happen only when governments accept that global and national security is not attained by confrontational alliances but effective collaboration to address global dangers such as accelerating climate change and recurrent pandemics.
Frances Palmer
Retired nurse, civil servant, teacher, writer, peace activist. New Zealand
If this pandemic has taught us anything it should be that we need to invest in the things that really keep us safe: healthcare, education, racial justice, addressing the climate crisis -- not nuclear weapons.
Johnny Zokovitch
Executive Director, Pax Christi USA
It's clearer than ever that we either disarm or the human race will perish.
Jim & Shelley Douglass
Mary's House Catholic Worker, USA
Now the need is to provide food and clean water to our people to eliminate hunger and poverty. Believe in global citizenship as we all are the citizens of planet earth 🌏 Love ❤ and respect all. Stop investing in nuclear weapons and start investing in love 🥰
Saba Khanam
Environment Coordinator, City Montessori School, Lucknow, India
Our nation must learn from the events of 1945 and commit to no first use and to stopping the stockpiling and development of all nuclear weapons and delivery systems. We can already see a new nuclear arms race developing and increasing the existential threat of nuclear war to the existence of all living beings on our Planet.
Mickie Lynn
Member, Women Against War, USA
The Toronto Raging Grannies demand a nuclear free world. Money spent on the nuclear arms race is better used on leaving the planet in good working order to our grandchildren
Cassandra Ryan
Communications Chair, Toronto Raging Grannies. Canada
Cooperation is the evolutionary rule
Ariya Kiratikanon
Author, One World. Australia
Nuclear weapons threaten the security of people everywhere, the environment and future generations. We need to shift from thinking “they provide safety" to the reality that they are too destructive to ever use. Schools, places of worship, and the media need to address the full impact of nuclear weapons.
Monica Willard
UN Representative, United Religions Initiative, USA
Abolishing nuclear weapons is the most important issue in our generation. For too long humanity has lived with the specter of nuclear apocalypse. Getting rid of these weapons of mass destruction will take an act of courage and responsibility on the part of all nations.
Emma Lugo.
President, Oregon City Peace Initiative. USA
As long as these weapons exist, it is statistically impossible to avoid detonation forever. It is not a matter of if but when. Their elimination is the only solution.
Stephanie Verlaan
Assistant Coordinator, International Peace Bureau. Germany
Inaction on nuclear disarmament could spell the end for humanity. It is as great a threat as climate change. It must be addressed.
Earl Turcotte
Group of 78 and Canadian Pugwash Group
The beauty of what is given to us and surrounds us, is what to focus on, not the annihilation of it.
Terry Morawitz
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, USA
Civilization is having enough trouble with pandemic, health-crisis, poverty, discrimination and lots of other issues. And none of these issues can be solved by weapons be it nuclear or any of that sort. We need to utilize each and every penny to save our planet.
Mustakim Ahmed Sunny
Member, Central Sub-committee, Bangladesh Awamileague, Bangladesh
Use nuclear budget in Educating people.... A message for people of Pakistan and India
Ayman Abbas
University Student, Pakistan
PEACE in the world promoting NO CONFLICT, NO WAR for EVERLASTING PEACE was practiced & preached by Lord Budha of Nepal about 2500 years before but it still looks like the world is nowhere close to PEACE. Let us ALL take the Pledge FIRST Let ME be Peaceful WITHIN & Propagate same to our FAMILY (Father And Mother I Love You), Neighbors, Villagers, Townsmen, City, Country & then to the whole WORLD.
Prof Dr Nurse Kamala & Prof Dr Engineer Padam Lall Maharjan
Former UN volunteers. Nepal
There is an urgent need to use public budgets appropriately and to cut off investments in destructive sectors in order to stay within safe and livable conditions.
Grissel Meneses
Sustainability Management & Policy Research, Mexico
Any effort to eliminate these weapons and reach an agreement among the nuclear powers never to initiate a first-strike is not only valuable but essential. The risk of this weapon being launched, whether deliberately or inadvertently, is unthinkable.
Anne Baring
Historian, Jungian Analyst and author
I agreed to join this campaign and participate in it because nuclear war aims to destroy all of humanity by the madness our ambition . I am ready to collaborate and undertake what needs to be done and undertaken to prevent such a catastrophe from occurring. Already COVID-19 seems a disaster for which the international community has difficulty finding a sure cure, we must avoid adding to it.
Toussaint Yénoukoumè HONVOU
Coordinator of Yes Benin Network, Benin
We should all do our utmost in abolishing nuclear weapons as citizens of the world and leave a brighter future for the coming generations.
Jasminka Bajlo
City representative of Mayors for Peace, Croatia
Barack Obama, as President of the USA in 2009, made a historic speech in Prague on the need and possibility to reach a world without nuclear weapons. US President Biden has taken the first steps to increase confidence in nuclear arms control, and advance further the gradual reduction of nuclear weapons on both the American and Russian sides. President Biden, who was Vice President in the Obama administration, can help achieve the ‘Prague Vision’ for a nuclear-weapon-free world, working in cooperation with the nuclear disarmament movements all over the world.
Prof Otakar Jiří Mika
Associate Professor, University Teacher, Police Aademy of the Czech Republic
This Appeal is to be constantly renewed until the 14 States with nuclear weapons on their territory initiate this transition towards the complete and final elimination of nuclear weapons: France, Great Britain, USA, Russia, China, India , Pakistan, Israel, North Korea and NATO countries Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Turkey.
General (ret) Francis Lenne
Member IDN, "Mouvement de la Paix" and ICAN, France.
Message to the nuclear armed States: 2045 is a long way off. Don't delay, start today, by not adding to your arsenal. Then work out your road map. And know that, since leaders and governments come and go, and many can't be trusted, 'we'll be watching you' at every step.
Angela Martin
Women's Film and TV History Network, UK and Ireland.
We can achieve more in peaceful negotiations and coexistence than what weapons can do to our only global village.
Joseph Kenson Sakala
Coordinator and Activist, Youth for Environment and Sustainable Development, Malawi
The complete abolition of all nuclear weapons is long over due and of vital importance to all of humanity. Unspeakable massive incineration of millions of people is truly inhuman, insane and unacceptable.
John Amidon
President, Veterans for Peace, Chapter 10 Albany, New York. USA
I wish we knew that war is not the solution to problems. Blood flows on both sides. Fields are deserted on both sides. Mourning is on both sides.Then why don't we take the path of peace
Pastor Waheed Mukhtar
Chairman, The Helping Hands of Christ Foundation, Pakistan
The continued possession of 14,000 nuclear devices by nations, can only, as is often quoted, end in our Mutually Assured Destruction. It is incumbent on the nations which possess nuclear weapons to heed this appeal most seriously, and without reservation.
Peter Archer
PAX Christi Aotearoa New Zealand
Commit to the elimination of nuclear weapons by 2045, the 100th anniversary of the United Nations
Barbara Johnston
Treasurer Nanaimo BC branch, Womens International League for Peace and Freedom, Canada
We don’t even have enough resources and safety to pass a quarantine year decently! And our supreme leaders are wasting US$8,321,940/hr on NUKES, calling them as ultimate peace and security. It's a lesson, how nature become ruthless. We should rectify our pernicious misdeeds and work for the betterment of humankind.
Mostafiz Ahmed
Secretary, PNND-BANGLADESH Parliamentary Council. Bangladesh
We endorse the call to abolish nuclear weapons and refocus funding and programming to support peaceful and sustainable development. Shine On!
Sarah Baird
Executive Director, Let There Be Light International, USA
My adolescence in the 1960s was tormented by the terror of imminent nuclear apocalypse. I don't want any future generations to have to put up with the fear of nuclear death on top of our current climate crisis. It's time for the world's governments to work together to save our precious planet rather than arming for its destruction.
Bryan Mathews
Retired Pollution Control Engineer, Australia
Nuclear deterrence is the main cause of arms races. As long as deterrence goes unaddressed, global zero will be impossible to achieve.
Professor Heinz Gärtner
Univ. Vienna/International Institute for Peace (IIP), Austria
Peace is important than showing off
Neetu Shukla
Asst Teacher, City Montessori School, India
We are long overdue a a species and as a country to cease the proliferation of these deadly materials
Tyler Griese
Member, Peace and Service Committee, Wilton Quaker Meeting, USA
The horrific devastation and suffering witnessed after the bombings 75 years ago, have left an enduring mark on the entire human species - the blast wave, thermal wave, radiation and radioactive fallout have devastating short- and long-term effects on the human body.
Bashir Nuckchady
Secretary, Council of Religions, Mauritius
Affirming a nuclear war can never be won and instituting a no first use of nuclear weapons policy are unilateral steps that President Biden can take which will immediately increase global security.
Peggy Mason
President, Rideau Institute on International Affairs. Canada
If Pandemic could create such a fear in the hearts of the people across the globe, why people are not realising the catastrophic disaster through operation of these Nuclear weapons. It is the order of the day to abolish Nuclear Weapons. No Nukes, Know Peace.
K K Chand Kolavennu
Rotary Action Group for Peace, India
Having experienced the effects that a global pandemic has had on the world we should understand now more than ever that the presence of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons needs to be eliminated. The mere fact that world leaders consider expenditure on these weapons is warranted is against the will of the global population.
Les Simm
Executive Director, International Forum For Understanding. UK
The United Methodist resolution on peace states: "National budgets are moral documents. They are a testament to national priorities. May it be that such budgets invest in life-giving and life-sustaining priorities, indeed, the things that make for peace. We support initiatives in every part of the world that move toward the goal of disarmament. This demands a radical reordering of priorities coupled with an effective system of international peacemaking, peacekeeping, and peacebuilding. The Church must constantly keep that goal before peoples and governments. In particular, we support the abolition of nuclear weapons."
Liberato Bautista
Main Representative to the United Nations | Assistant General Secretary, United Methodist Church-General Board of Church and Society. USA
The elimination of nuclear weapons is a precondition of any prospect for a just, sustainable and peaceful future.
Prof Klaus Bosselmann
Professor of Environmental Law, Auckland University. New Zealand
The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons signed by 84 countries and of those ratified by 51, comes into effect on 22 Jan 2021. The current development of hypersonic cruise missiles traveling at very fast speeds (> Mach 5) and capable of carrying nuclear weapons adds a new layer of destabilisation and risk. Time to disarm!
Geoff Holland
Coordinator, World Peace Now. Australia
We need to rid the world of nuclear weapons forever and focus on addressing climate change and world poverty.
Ruth Russell
Coordinator, WILPF Australia (South Australian branch)
Even if never used the resources consumed by nuclear weapons are unaffordable and costing human lives now.
Dr Martin Schweiger
Retired Consultant in Communicable Disease Control. Member of the Society of Friends. England
Appeals mattered for the abolition of slavery and gender and generation equality. So will this appeal for the abolition of nuclear weapons.
Johan Galtung
Transcend International, for Pace By Peaceful Means, Norway
As a citizen of Hiroshima, the city devastated by the atomic bombing on Aug. 6, 1945, I am working for the world free from nuclear weapons. May the World be without Nuclear Weapons within this memorable year !!!
Dr Katsuko Kataoka
Secretary-General, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War - Japan Affiliate
In the short run, we need to focus on taking missiles off hair-trigger alert and on adopting a policy of No First Use. Then we can move on to dismantling the nuclear weapons arsenal.
Stephen E. Slaner
Professor of History and Government, Northern Essex Community College, USA
We all need to save humanity for this unacceptable risk of having nuclear weapons. Zero is the only sane answer for how many nuclear weapons we need. They do not make us safer but only increase the risk of destroying all humans and our planet.
Carolyn J MacKenzie
Health Physicist. Member, VOICES for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons. USA
The appeal to abolish all nuclear weapons by 2045, when we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the United Nations is a great aim for the Global Community. It is said the bomb may kill thousands when used, but at present, the money spend on maintenance of the existing nuclear weapons and the amount spend on modernization and advancement in this field kills millions. Let us unite and strive together to put a stop to it
Issac S Thomas
Global Council Trustee, United Religions Initiative. India
As stated in the petition, 'a nuclear war cannot be won and therefore should never be fought' sums up the situation and as also stated in the petition, there are better things to spend the money on.
Kathrine Gladwin Ross
Womens International League for Peace and Freedom. New Zealand
This is the day for a better world, no nuclear weapons.
Judy Nakadegawa
Womens International League for Peace and Freedom, USA
This is as important as the climate crisis but receives much less attention. If we are to survive as a species we MUST eliminate all nuclear weapons and use the money to fight climate change and help our human family have clean water, food and adequate shelter.
Madeline Labriola
Pax Christi Rhode Island, USA
Abolish nuclear weapons before they abolish us!
Dr Gunnar Westberg
IPPNW, Sweden
This Appeal is crucial, especially in our divided and polarized world
Elizabeth Shafer
Lawyers' Committee on Nuclear Policy, USA
The nuclear weapons states by adopting no first use, de-alerting, and shifting to a sustainable common security approach together will get us closer to the abolition of nuclear weapons.
Robin Collins
Member, Canadian Pugwash Group
Redistribution of funding for nuclear weapons to address climate change, SDGs and pandemics/public health would prove that humans recognise their self-preservation is inextricable from that of the planetary whole.
Adam Broinowski
Academic, Australia
Cutting nuclear weapons budgets - President Eisenhower said: “Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies … theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed” - I'd just add "those who are ill and not healed".
Tim Devereux
Chair, Movement for the Abolition of War, UK
We can't wait until 2045 - fastest possible elimination of nuclear weapons.
Peter Murphy
Sydney Peace & Justice Coalition, Australia
It is insanity that so much of the developed world relies, for its sense of security, on its ability to destroy civilisation. The EU has demonstrated the ability of long term enemies to overcome their enmities through developing quality relationships. Such relationships must be developed amonst current enemies to obviate the urge for defensive measures.
Gray Southon
President, Tauranga Branch, United Nations Association, New Zealand
It is a question of life or death for humanity
Michel Monod
International Fellowship of Reconciliation, Switzerland
Nuclear weapons, whether by testing or using on others, can affect your future generations. We are one human world where we don't need nuclear weapons. Disarm and live free.
Annesha Kar Gupta
Advocate, India
La possession et l'utilisation d'armes nucléaires est profondément immorale.
Christophe Martinez
Nuclear weapons are an existential threat to our survival as a species. Weapons don't house us, don't clothe us, don't feed us, and don't cure our diseases. We need to demand a transformation of priorities away from building bombs, and toward educating, feeding, housing, and healing our people.
Kelsey Zazanis
CODEPINK: Women for Peace, USA
Nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants -- their production of plutonium leading to the building of nuclear weapons -- must be abolished. To survive, we must have a nuclear-free Earth.
Karl Grossman
Beyond Nuclear, USA
The sheer amount of money wasted on nuclear weaponry could finance the transition to a sustainable world, rather than destroying it
Lachlan Craig
Victoria University Climate Clinic, New Zealand
The existence of nuclear weapons and the threat posed by them is intolerable. These weapons need to be fully eliminated as soon as possible.
Andreas Bummel
Executive Director, Democracy Without Borders, Germany/International
Nuclear weapon is the most catastrophic threat for human civilization. Dissolve all the Nuclear weapons before they dissolve us.
Md Masum Billah
CEO, M@sum™. Bangladesh
We should not live under this dire threat when our intellect and humanity give us the means to create a different future.
Michael Powell
Member, People for Nuclear Disarmament, Australia
This appeal directly speaks to our founding in 1982 based on calls for nuclear disarmament and recognition of nuclear weapons as the ultimate existential threat to all life on Earth. Still today our group's mission is: Stop the arms race, Cut the arms budget, Direct money to environmental and human needs!
Michelle Santantonio
Chairperson, South Country Peace Group, Inc. USA
Faisons un beau cadeau à l'humanité pour le 100e anniversaire de l'Organisation des Nations Unies: débarrassons-nous de la menace nucléaire, pour l'amour de la vie! / Let us make a beautiful gift to humanity for the 100th anniversary of the United Nations: let us get rid of nuclear weapons. for the love of life!
Louise Royer
Directrice, Pastorale sociale - Archidiocèse de Montréal. Canada
Nuclear war will never be a limited one. It will be the destruction of Planet Earth!!
Marian Klostermann
Sisters of St Francis, Iowa. USA
Nuclear weapons are unlawful. The world suffers from appalling law breaking leaders contributing to worsening global existential threats. We are governed by people not fit to govern. The World Order is broken. Where are the true leaders?
Geoffrey Darnton
Peace Analytics. Author of Nuclear Weapons and International Law. UK
The urgency of action to address the climate crisis makes reliance on and investment in nuclear weapons unacceptable.
Phyllis Creighton
Honorary Life Member, Science for Peace. Canada
No nukes is good nukes 🙂 Really!
James Nordlund
Kansas Chapter of the National Action Network. USA
Peace is the greatest weapon against the Darkness that is ever ready to engulf the humanity. Let’s choose PEACE. ARISE AND AWAKEN TO PEACE, my fellow Countrymen.
Varlakshmi Balaji
Founder and CEO, Qleaps Ventures. India
My appeal to United Nations. Preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. Whenever possible, I believe the United State should seek to advanced its security goals through diplomacy rather than force. The threat of some countries developing nuclear weapons is grave, and I applaud the United Nations Office for the Disarmament Leadership and their team, particularly Alyn Ware for pursuing a diplomatic solution to one of the most pressing security challenges.
Abdullahi Bindawa
Center for Nonviolence & Peace Studies. Nigeria
Scattering flower petals on the Iron Triangle....
John Prehn
Old Doomseer, USA
Since 2007 when playing a concert for the 50th anniversary of les Conférences internationales PUGWASH (with Hiroshima mayor present), I joined all groups that were efficiently aiming for the purpose of eliminating nuclear weapons and organized resistance in Québec. Bravo to ICAN for a strong achievement with ambassador Elayne Whyte-Gomes from Costa-Rica.
Pierre Jasmin
Artistes pour la Paix. Canada
We are running out of time - we all must act now!
Theodora Carroll
Member, Seniors' Centre. Canada
We need to arouse people everywhere to the risk that nuclear annihilation could happen at any moment
Peter Metz
Member, Mass Peace Action Nuclear Disarmament Working Group. USA
Peoples around world need to live in peace in healthy planet for that we must have a Nuclear-Weapon-Free World: Protect People and the Planet: those funds for nuclear weapons are needed to fulfill the UN POST 2015 AGENDAS
Marta Benavides
Director, Servicios Ecumenicos Para Reconciliacion Y Reconstruccion (SERR). El Salvador
Putting our Faith in nuclear weapons is idolatry. Even threatening to ever use nuclear weapons is amoral. How can people be against abortion yet be willing to gamble on so destroying Creation, our whole Earth & all its Life? In a nuclear incident, retaliation would only make it worse.
Maryteresa (Missy) Conrad
Quakers/The Religious Society of FRIENDS. USA
End Nuclear Weapons Now!
Grant Francis Donohue
People for Nuclear Disarmament, Australia
We are working very hard to engage with Johns Hopkins University so that this prestigious educational institution renounces its nuclear weapons contracts.
Max Obuszewski
Baltimore Nonviolence Center, USA
In collaboration with the Toronto Hiroshima Nagasaki Day Coalition, World Beyond War, and Pax Christi International, we at Pax Christi Toronto wholly support this appeal. In the words of Hibakusha and tireless campaigner Setsuko Thurlow, January 22nd must be "the beginning of the end of nuclear weapons".
Rosemary Keenan
Pax Christi, Toronto, Canada
Nuclear arms control such as the NPT and abolition of nuclear weapons has been a central focus of the Association of World Citizens and will continue to be so. Each step is important in this vital effort!
Rene Wadlow
President, Association of World Citzens, France
Immediate action is required to protect this world from such weapons which will only be possible if we form a world parliament.
Sarfraz Ahmad
Assistant Teacher Computer Science, City Montessori School, Luckonw. India
This appeal will be the great success to save humanity, life and future of the world. We are spending $100 billion annually on nuclear weapons, which is the amount that can bring very positive changes in the fields of development, health, climate protection, education and to minimize the hunger etc.
Faisal Ilyas
Executive Secretary, Peace Center Lahore, Pakistan
The nuclear threat is far more real than most individuals realize. There have been calls for defunding the police to raise money for other service sections, but in truth money should be increased for police training and other services should also be financed. Money for the development of nuclear "deterrents" would more than cover such costs.
Jennifer Wade
Longtime member, World Federalists and United Nations Association, Canada
Our world is made more dangerous by the presence of nuclear weapons, with evidence that their use and testing causes disproportionate harm to girls and women. The new Treaty, TPNW, comes into force on 22nd of this month and is our best hope to render these weapons an embarrassment to the Governments who maintain that they are needed for 'security'.
Fiona McOwan
CND Scotland and WILPF Scottish Region
No matter how it is conducted, war is never an answer.
Penny Oyama
Retired OR nurse. Member, Council of Canadians, Canada
The world already spends trillions of dollars on weapons but a pittance for root causes. On the entire body of work of the United Nations, including peacekeeping and the sweeping social and economic operations of 40 specialized agencies and programs, we spend only $30 billion per year, less than 2% of the $1.7 trillion that nations devote to arms. Every country needs to shift priorities towards preventing wars rather than fighting more of them.
Larry Kazdan
World Federalist Movement, Canada
Feeling blessed to be alive to see UNTPNW enter force. Thinking of many past campaigners for this great achievement who are no longer with us. Passionately imagining the benefits to all future life on Earth. All power to this Treaty!
Judy Blyth
An elderly global citizen, Australia
The "nuclear umbrella" hanging over us is a modern sword of Damocles
Wiebina Heesterman
Retired Information Systems Manager, UK
Do politicians still think they can win a limited nuclear war - think covid19!?
Martin Bassant
Member of Scientists 4 Global Responsibility, UK
The US Peace Council. since its inception, has made the abolition of nuclear weapons a basis for its organization. The global Peace movement must come together, united in the demand to abolish all nuclear weapons.
Alfred L. Marder
President, US Peace Council. USA
All human rights, tolerance and solidarity, that reject violence and endeavor to prevent conflicts by tackling their root causes to solve problems through dialogue and negotiation and that guarantee the full exercise of all rights and the means to participate fully in the development process of their society.”
Mohd Vasim
CTBTO Youth Group, India
States must respect their words
Victor Amisi Sulubika
Executive Director, Vision GRAM-International, Canada
We shall make our planet a symbol of Peace not war and tragedy. We can do it but to do it we must be one
Shaurya Chaudhary
Student. India
The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) calls for the elimination of all nuclear weapons. But even more importantly it provides an alternative norm to the deterrence norm which prepares for the potential use of nuclear weapons.
Prof Heinz Gärtner
Univ. Vienna/International Institute for Peace (IIP). Austria
Nuclear waste has 500,000 year half lives!
Norma JF Harrison
Peace and Freedom Party, California, USA
How smart a species are we if in the end with use that imagination to imagine enemies of our own making who want to destroy us.
Diana Witty
Sierra Club, USA
Climate change will generate more inequalities, food and water shortages, instability, migration, mistakes and wars. Along with unsustainable development, nuclear accidents or deliberate use of nuclear weapons in war, these would trigger far more death and destruction than the current pandemic. Yet in UK only £6bn per year over 4 years is going to be spent on climate change and recovery (one eighth of military spend) when it should be more like the cost of the pandemic (£300bn) if the vision of post war recovery is to be repeated. And how does reducing the foreign aid budget by £6bn, when it is needed most to avert instability, match the rhetoric of Global Britain (post Brexit). Sadly, what politicians promise tends to differ from what they do.
Michael Leggett
Member of CND Reigate Surrey. UK
I would like to have my adult children and small grandchildren to never have to worry or even think about the ever-present threat of a pre-determined futile nuclear war. There will never be any winners; only losers and WE will be responsible.
Beverley J Johnstone
Volunteer. Retired. USA
Now, more than ever, we need to build a culture of peace.
Nicole Ponce
Organizer & Youth representative, I Am Climate Justice. Philippines
Nuclear armed States should stand down their nuclear forces and affirm policies never to initiate a nuclear war.
Khaled Ayesh Abdullah Sagheer
Executive Manager, National Forum For Human Rights , Yemen
Nuclear war can never be won and must never be fought
Leena Chatterji
Teacher, City Montessori School, India
Nuclear weapons are a form of unusable military technological. However, that hasn't stopped a small group of countries from acquiring them, increasing the risk of catastrophe.
Dr Leigh Clark
United States
Religion leaders from all faith traditions including Indigenous people need to find more ways to exclaim no country has no right to use nuclear weapons that destroy ecosystems and all life in these areas!
Joyce Wilding
Science and religion multi faith leader, United Religions Iniative. USA
For a world without weapons abolish armies and the military and replace them by a non-violent civilian defence. Replace deterence of weapons of mass destruction by the dissuasive effect of a massive reaction of the population against any foreign occupation.
Michel Monod
Member, Group Swiss Without an Army, Switzerland
I live every day with the aftermath of a cancer very likely triggered by radiation exposure from past nuclear weapons testing in Australia. We simply cannot afford the risks to human & more than human life posed by this crazy nuclear weapons competition based on greed.
Judy Pile
Nuclear testing victim, Australia
I strongly support this appeal aiming at eliminating nuclear weapons from the surface of the Earth. Nuclear weapons are one the biggest threats to humanity and they should be dismantled so that they are never used again. I hope the nuclear armed States will understand this and dismantle and eliminate their arsenal and stop investing in nuclear weapons.
Aude Mousset
Conference Interpreter, France
"Nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought".... I far prefer sanity to blind greed.
Ted Reynolds
University of Michigan Health Service (Retired), USA
If all nuclear-armed states agreed to a non-first use policy, nuclear weapons would become obsolete and this would pave the way for their total elimination.
Marc Finaud
Head of Arms Proliferation, Geneva Centre for Security Policy, Switzerland
The dangeer of escalation to nuclear war is greater now than at any point in history.
Richard Krushnic
Massachusetts Peace Action Nuclear Disarmament Working Group, USA
World leaders and Military leaders must obviously know the outcome of nuclear war. There will be no winners, even the oppressors will eventually succumb to the nuclear radiation in the atmosphere, the water supplies and the very food that we eat. First to go will be small Islands like Great Britain then eventually the whole world.
Gordon Frederick Coggon
British nuclear weapons test veteran. Member LABRATS International. UK
If a country, any country, uses a nuclear weapon, then our work taking care of creation will have no meaning.
Evalee Mickey
Pax Christi. USA
In the U.S. there is legislation, HR-2850 in 2021-22, called the "Nuclear Weapons Abolition and Economic and Energy Conversion Act" which supports the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and calls for conversion of the nuclear weapons industries to carbon-free, nuclear-free energy production and other human needs. Read more at ... and please ask your US Representative to cosponsor, Senators to introduce into the Senate, and all to reintroduce the bill into the House and Senate in 2023!
Ellen Thomas
Director, Proposition One Campaign for a Nuclear-Free Future, USA
Nuclear war cannot be won and should never be fought. We, as a nation and as a global community, must commit to ending all nuclear armaments.
Elizabeth Elting
Artist. USA
The nuclear arms race is now one of the main threats for the human existence. Deterrence and power balance fuels the arms race making nuclear weapons more common, more dangerous and more unpredictable. We need to endorse new legislation to end the spread of mass destruction weapons.
Bror Eskil Heiret
Coordinator, Natur og Ungdom, Norway
We must stop investing in our own destruction.
Marcy Winograd
Co-ordinator, CodePink Congress, USA
Start by creating a no first use treaty amongst all nuclear nations.
Dr David Bezanson PhD
Member, Sierra Club and the Security Committee of Physicians for Social Responsibility, USA
This is an extremely important appeal. The health, education and social needs of all people is what we should be focusing on and spending money on, not weapons that can only cause pain, distress, sickness and death, perhaps to everyone on this fragile planet.
Cathy Davis
Labour party Local council candidate, UK
Universe created each of us as a divine and chosen being on this beautiful earth to love, care and embrace everyone, balance the nature, and celebrate our existence!
Guruji H.H. Dileepkumar Thankappan
Global Chairman, World Yoga Community. USA
No uranium mining, no nuclear industry, no nuclear weapons, no nuclear waste. Leave it in the ground!
Sanne de Swart
Nuclear Free Coordinator, Friends of the Earth Melbourne, Australia
To preserve our future, the world has no other way but disarmament and abolishment of all the nuclear stockpiles!!
Sergy Kasyanov
Director, Harvard Aerospace Alumni Organization, Ukraine
Nuclear weapons and nuclear power are evil twins that rob our world of vital resources that could completely transform hunger, homelessness, environmental and social injustice, and access to education. Stop funding the war machine and return to caring for our human family.
Marilyn McCulloch
Executive Director, The Carrie Dickerson Foundation. USA
United States and Russia were dismantling 1000 nuclear arms per year until 1999. Start again now. Also START. We can do it.
Claire Adamson
World Federalist, Canada
“Some say you cannot uninvent nuclear weapons. But you cannot uninvent cannibalism or slavery either; this does not mean they deserve state sanction and vast investment from our ailing public finances. Those of us who follow Jesus, the Prince of Peace, cannot accept that the continuing existence of nuclear weapons is now the best that humanity can hope for.”
Martin Tiller
Member of Executive Committee, Christian Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, UK
Money is urgently needed to fight poverty, illiteracy and pandamic diseases all around the world. Why not come back to dialogue! Why not use the nuclear weapons` money for the well-being of future generations instead!
Christine Muttonen
Former MP. Co-President of Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament. Former President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly.
Ukraine, one of the countries with the largest nuclear arsenal, has completely abandoned nuclear weapons and has liquidated its stocks and infrastructure. It is very unfortunate that the countries guarantors of the nuclear agreement and the Budapest Memorandum did not fulfill their promises and obligations to Ukraine and Ukrainian people. Nuclear weapons must be eliminated completely as a type of weapons!
Yuri Donskoy
President, SPIA Humanitarian Support and Development Fund, Ukraine
Wrap up Nuclear Weapons Age - Make a Vow for Peace
Jan Ortwed Møller
Chairman, Soka Gakkai International (SGI) Denmark
If we are to have a human future, nuclear weapons must be abolished. This will require new levels of global cooperation and trust, with nations and individuals working together for not only the common good, but for the survival of humanity.
David Krieger
President Emeritus, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, USA
We need a Peace-Industrial Complex to reply to the Military-Industrial Complex to create the necessary political will to implement this Appeal. This would be an alliance of peace groups and companies that benefit from peace (such companies should do their bit to work for peace and not just leave it to peace groups to do all the work)
Dr Keith Suter
Managing Director, Global Directions, Australia
Le respect des engagements à l'élimination totale des armes nucléaires est une urgence absolue. Faute de quoi c'est un recours auprès de la justice internationale qui s'impose pour déni grave des droits humains, civils et politiques.
General (ret) Francis Lenne
ICAN and Mouvement de la Paix. France
Nuclear weapons (which allow one person to slay millions) and democracy are mutually exclusive; one of them must go.
Professor Elaine Scarry
Cabot Professor of Aesthetics, Harvard University, USA
Our world belongs to all of us, both now and in the future. We need to have all resources channeled away from nukes and into health, education and a clean environment for everyone.
Bill Kidd MSP
Co-President, Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament, Scotland
They are so bad so they simply cannot be used. In other words: unusable.
Thore Vestby
Chairman, Ichi Foundation, Norway
Nuclear weapons are solely of destructive nature. Our world has acquired nuclear power of such extent that the earth can be destroyed 16 times. It would be better if we shift our focus from nuclear weapons to sustainable development and pandemic free world.
Rashmi Singh
Assistnt Teacher, CMS, Lucknow. India
Nuclear Weapons pose the biggest threat to the survival of mankind: since their existence some 20 "near miss" events are known. Financing production and maintenance demands obscene finances. A small nuclear war would lead to widespread famine. Nuclear Deterrence is an outmoded concept in a world, when diplomacy must seek alliances and cooperation
Prof (em) Andreas Nidecker MD
Board Member IPPNW , President Basel Peace Office, Switzerland
At a time the world faces multiple upheavals including from the COVID-19 pandemic, weapons of mass destruction are totally abhorrent. Nuclear weapons are wasteful and having them should be seen as a criminal intent to wreak harms against humanity and the Planet. This is a time to build resilience, restore habitats and build harmonious relationships between nations and with Nature. Not a time to destroy!
Nnimmo Bassey
Founder, Health of Mother Earth Foundation. Former Chair, Friends of the Earth International. Time Magazine Hero of the Environment 2009. Nigeria
If we invested our resources in learning conflict resolution and practicing reconciliation instead of amassing nuclear weapons – oh what a wonderful world it would be.
Juanita L. Austin
Retired United Church minister. Canada
Nuclear weapons represent the greatest threat to life on Earth. This threat can only be eliminated by worldwide agreement that these weapons be eliminated. The 9 Nuclear states have the main responsibility for this execution, a responsibility shared by those states dependant on nuclear weapon defence.
Dr Mons Lie
Norske Leger mot Atomvåpen, Norway
Nuclear weapons have no place in the world.
Eric Mbotiji
Chair, United Nations Youth Association Network. Cameroon
I speak for my family among the silent forests, the brooks, skies, flowers that sway, the wonderful children... I speak for those too inarticulate to speak, yet they know full more than I, the fish, bugs, otter, deer, the horned owl and always, I speak for the land....
David Rothauser
Founder and CEO, Memory Productions, USA
Nuclear bombs kill hundreds of thousands directly, but the making of bombs kill millions indirectly.
Abraham Karickam
Chair, Karickam International Public School. India
The world needs to get past the need for nuclear weapons and invest in peace instead of war.
Sylvia Lindgren
Councillor, City of Salmon Arm. Canada
A civilized world will be one without without war and without nuclear weapons; it is our destiny as soon as we decide to make it so.
John Otranto
Nuclear weapons threaten our planet and all of life. They represent the darkest side of humankind. I believe instead of arming ourselves with deadly weapons we choose to live with sincere love for one another’s wellbeing and work together, any challenge can be overcome.
Julie Schelling
Consultant, Voices for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons (URI). USA
I and my husband now deceased have been in opposition to nuclear weapons since the 1960's. I'm angry that world leaders have bowed to the nuclear industry in every way - nuclear power is the secretive necessity for nuclear weapons.
Dr Dale Dewar
IPPNW. Canada
Nuclear Weapons are sheer and utter insanity, and the most callous and inhumane weapons ever devised by the mind of man. They illustrate the utter depravity of the mind of man. They are the ultimate blasphemy - they threaten to destroy everything God has created.
Alasdair Coats
Board Member of Ploughshares Calgary. Canada
We have seen that we can't rely on the Nuclear Club to abandon nuclear weapons, so it's up to the world's people to make it happen.
Peter Bergel
Board member, Oregon PeaceWorks. USA
Nuclear weapons are an absolute evil. The future of human civilization and the biosphere can only be saved by their complete abolition.
John Scales Avery
Chairman, Danish National Group, Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs. Denmark
We can do this if we all continue to work together. Please support and spread this initiative.
Joanne Dufour
Olympia Coalition to Abolish Nuclear War. USA
75 years ago the people of the world shocked at the devastating effects of nuclear weapons called for an entity that could intervene in conflict situations to avoid war and settle disputes through nonviolent means. The abhorrent nuclear weapons should have been dismantled and its manufacture discontinued at that time. So the time is now to dismantle and discontinue its manufacture and work towards provision of SDGs instead.
Ela Gandhi
Chairperson, Phoenix Settlement Trust. South Africa
No First Use is the clear first step towards a nuclear free world. This, in conjunction with cutting nuclear weapons budgets, will mean we are putting real security front and center. We deserve lives free from fear and want. It is in our power to achieve just that.
Cecili Thompson Williams
Executive Director, Beyond the Bomb. USA
Today we face two great existential threat the threat of catastrophic climate change and the horror of a potential nuclear-war - We need a vision and a renew commitment to achieve a world free of nuclear weapons. We have seen the collapse of much of the arms control treaties, the termination of the INF, the collapse of the JCPOA, and there are real concerns over the future of New START, CTBT and even a serios threat to the non-proliferation treaty.
Bianca Jagger
Founder, President and Chief Executive, The Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation. UK
We need Nuclear Free World for our sustainable future
Dipal Barua
Founder and Chairman, Bright Green Energy Foundation, Bangladesh
After Climate Change nuclear weaponry stands as a potential cause of creational destruction. We must commit ourselves to its abolition. There is simply no way to morally justify its use or even to use it as a deterrent.
Rev. Dr. John T. Pawlikowski
Catholic Theological Union, USA
As in the days of the Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign in the 1980s, it is time for cities, towns, and states to take the initiative to halt, reverse, and eliminate the nuclear threat. Peace must begin with grassroots campaigns aimed at local governments, which are less beholden to corporate lobbying.
David Keppel
Spokesperson, Bloomington [Indiana] Peace Action Coalition. USA
As a citizen of a nuclear weapon owning state, I feel a particular responsibility and a particular urgency to endorse this appeal, as I and many other UK citizens are totally opposed to the possession of nuclear weapons by our country.
Margery Toller
XR Peace, UK
'No First Use' pledge is the most important first step towards total elimination of nuclear weapons. The ultimate goal is the reduction and abolition of all types of weapon systems and to create a peaceful and prosperous world. Let us work towards creating a world without wars and self-destruction!
Delhi Science Forum. Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace. India
A Moral Imperative for all citizens of the World.
Patricia Murphy
International Philosophers for Peace, USA
As the use of nuclear weapons would be a crime against humanity and a violation of the principles and rules of international humanitarian law, any preparation for nuclear warfare constitutes a crime against the peace.
Meindert Stelling
President of the Dutch Foundation 'Tribunal for Peace'. Netherlands
We must educate the youth of the world about the current dangers of nine leaders, of nine countries, having the ability to destroy our civilization and the biodiversity of our precious Mother Earth via an intentional or mistaken launch of a nuclear war. We must abolish nuclear weapons from the face our planet forever.
Jean E Stevens
Director of the Taos Environmental Film Festival, USA
Violence solves nothing and deepens and broadens the problem.. Nuclear bombs would destroy problems by destroying humanity.
James R Kelly
Pax Christi, USA
Support it all for the continuation of our lives on this planet.
Janice Hawkins
WILPF-Des Moines Branch, USA
World Peace cannot be achieved until all nuclear weapons are destroyed on Earth.
Victor Koreyo
Abraham's Children Foundation, Nigeria
Military spending is bankrupting the United States, yet this issue is rarely raised in the corporate media. And our government plans to spend more than a trillion tax dollars on weapons which never can be used. This is happening when millions of people lack healthcare, and many million more live in poverty. SHAME!
Max Obuszewski
Founder, Baltimore Nonviolence Center, USA
There is no security in, or place for, Nuclear, biological and chemical weapons when COVID, natural disasters and human created environmental issues are already claiming so many lives and causing Worldwide disruption . NBC weapons states and all countries must redirect this funding right now!
Les Simm
Executive Director, International Forum For Understanding, UK
Killings of Women, Girls, old and young must stop.
Aisha Ahmed
Murna Foundation, Nigeria
As the Doomsday Clock ticks it is more urgent than ever to raise our voices and end nuclear madness forever.
Ramon Rafter
Independent consultant, Ireland
After I met Hibakusha in the hospitals of Hiroshima in 1984 near to 6.8. and 9.8. I will dedicate my life to help to abolish nuclear weapons and build stable peace After 1989 the governments and societies and scientists had the chance to invest into public health for all and environmental protection of the seas and water and ground and air, in stead of more nuclear and other mass destruction weapons and cyber war and small arms exports to Africa.I hope this appeal helps.
Eva Quistorp
World Future Council. Women for Peace. Germany
As part of our efforts to achieve a nuclear-weapons free world states should sign and ratify the UN treaty banning all Nuclear weapons
Erkki Tuomioja MP
Vice-chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Parliament of Finland
If we don't get rid of nuclear weapons, they will get rid of us. "Don't give up! Keep moving, keep pushing! Crawl towards the light!" [Setsuko Thurlow]
Dr Hugh Hubbard
Yorkshire CND
NOVACT celebrates, this year, 20 years of dedicated work to support Nonviolence as the way forward to innovate societies and policies, prevent violence and defend Human Rights, promoting nonviolent methodologies in projects around the Mediterranean Basin. Disarmament is a fundamental aspect of our vision. Nuclear control and transformation of military power to social utility, is something we work for.
Simonetta Costanzo Pittaluga
Chair, International Institute for Active Nonviolence (NOVACT), Spain
With the devastation of climate catastrophe upon us, the world needs to come together and unite for survival. The existence of nuclear weapons threatens our only hope for the future. Enmity between nations is pointless. We are one species. It’s time we took care of all life on Earth.
Linda Pentz Gunter
International Specialist, Beyond Nuclear. USA
Peace should always be the highest value. Nuclear weapons should never be an option.
Rev. Dr. T. Kenjitsu Nakagaki
President, Heiwa Peace and Reconciliation Foundation of New York. USA
Has our collective consciousness updated to accommodate our combined yet still uneven material progress and ecological catastrophe?
Rasigan Maharajh
Chief Director, Institute for Economic Research on Innovation, South Africa
I find the 2045-deadline somewhat on the conservative side; let's get to all 9 NWS and make them sit at the negotiating table asap.
Phon van den Biesen
Co-President, International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms. Netherlands
We need to get rid of nuclear weapons now!
Anton Wagner
Hiroshima Nagasaki Day Coalition Toronto, Canada
No one wins this game. Humans will loose all they have.
Sachdeepak s Arora
CEO, Project Management CoE. India
Use our resources to save people not kill them.
Margaret Hockey
Member, Quakers/ Society of Friends. New Zealand
Nuclear weapons of any size, for any reason can only hurry our destruction.
Nancy L Cowger
The atom bombs dropped on Japan in 1945 are estimated to have killed from 129,000 to 246,000 people in the actual bombing event. Today's nuclear bombs are 3,000 times more powerful, and there are an estimated 13,400 nuclear weapons currently stockpiled in countries that continue spending billions to build up and modernize their nuclear arsenals, threatening the planet with mass destruction and the potential for billions of people dead.
James McKinney
Member, American Federation of Teachers, USA
We've lived the extent of the nuclear age and worked to end the threat of nuclear war throughout that time.
Barbara and Jim Dale
Retired, USA
War is caused by the rich perpetuating violence so they can make more money.
Susan Prince
Peaceful negotiation is what we need, not the grave consequences to human beings and the planet that would come from the use of nuclear weapons.
Suzanne Baldini
United Methodist Church, USA
Planning for and spending on nuclear warfare is so detrimental for everyone and everything on the planet that it should be considered a crime against humanity.
Audrey van Ryn
New Zealand
Nuclear weapons must be abolished, as an essential step toward the achievement of a stable and just peace based, on pursuit of human security and the wellbeing of peoples nations rather than on the militarized state security that threatens all peoples and the planet.
Betty Reardon
Founding Director, Emeritus, International Instititute on Peace Education, USA
The Treaty of the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) is complementary to the NPT. Thus, Nuclear Weapons States should adhere to it without any further delay together with the States which are not party to the NPT, namely: DPRK, India, Israel and Pakistan, in order to realize a world free from nuclear weapons.
Ambassador Mounir Zahran
Chairman, Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs (ECFA)
We better get rid of nuclear weapons or they will get rid of us.
Fritz Pointer
Vice President, Democratic World Federalists, USA
We have to get our priorities straight and work together to ensure the future life of and on our planet.
Joyce Rothermel
St. Mary Magdalene Social Justice and Peace Committee, USA
Very few ordinary people want their taxes spent on these monstrosities.
Peter Low
Quakers, New Zealand
Nuclear weapons are rubbish and must be consigned to the dustbin of history
Jonathan Down
Paediatrician. Member IPPNW, Canada
Nuclear weapons are the ultimate in inhumanity. There are no winners with nuclear weapons.
Margaret Taylor
Peace activist, New Zealand
Back in January "Roses to Missions" NYC visited their missions and thanked the 51 brave countries who had ratified the TPNW treaty. Of the 86 signatories the TPNW has now been ratified by 54 countries/states. We must keep going!
Sylvia Rodriguez Case
Board Member - Secretary, Peace Action NYS. USA
Nuclear weapons should be eliminated much before 2045.
Dr Derman Boztok MD
Specialist in public health (retired), IPPNW - Turkey Affiliate president
People FIRST FIRST. Power, Consumption = destruction = Anthropocene
Louise A. Morin
World Federalist Movement, Canada
That the nations who possess nuclear weapons espouse a doctrine of "mutually assured destruction" constitutes an indictment against the murderous criminality of their leaders.
Lucymarie Ruth
Retired, USA
Nuclear Weapons are illegal under International Law. This must be acknowledged and affirmed by each and every current nuclear state. Their construction, use or possession should be considered a crime against humanity.
Dr Patricia Anne Murphy
Chair, IAB, International Philosophers for Peace, USA
2045 is way too patient - full nuclear disarmament is of the utmost urgency
Fredrik S. Heffermehl
CEO, Nobel Peace Prize Watch, Norway
Abolition of nuclear weapons is key to building peaceful societies
Vijay Mehta
Chair of Uniting for Peace, UK
Nuclear weapons are incompatible with life on our planet. Authentic security for all can only be achieved when we dramatically challenge the militarism that maintains nuclear weapons and instead focus on human and planetary needs.
Patrick Hiller
Executive Director, War Prevention Initiative, USA
We need to eliminate nuclear weapons before they eliminate us
Joseph Wasserman
I support the appeal strongly and am in solidarity with everyone to bring peace, not destruction. We need to eliminate nuclear weapons and focus on peace building.
Ahsun Swadeka
CSO, Gender, Peace & Security. UK
Trust is the coin of the realm.
Les DeWitt
Rethiniking National Security, USA
We must end nuclear generation of electricity as well as nuclear weapons. Radioactive waste contains the elements used to make nuclear bombs.
Jane Swanson
President, San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace. USA
All Nations must participate in this Non-Political, Anti-Destruction Agenda, Nuclear Freedom Movement to protect our world, like Minded politicians and parliamentarians need to be join hands in this fight to stop Nuclear wars & weapon or Equipment manufacturing by creating a Safe and Secure Environment for the future generations to witness pleasant life.
Sushira Sena Araga
Global Research Volunteer, India
Make the peace reign everywhere as peace is everything.
Naseer Abdullahi
Staff, Ahmadu Bello University. Nigeria
If we stop building nuclear weapons we can end world hunger, provide water for the planet's people, and save our Earth from extinction. Let us heal, nurture and flourish instead of destroy.
Patricia Murphy
We may have fights. But we all are family.
Saanvi Tripathi
Student. India
Our shared world is facing huge threats, exacerbated by poor international relations. Your position of power creates for you the responsibility to take concrete actions to eliminate nuclear weapons - a potential source of annihilation for all. To fail to make the needed efforts is to fail as a leader and as a human being.
Jo Hayward-Haines
Co-founder, Peterborough Pollinators. Canada
Use the nuclear weapons budget in Educating people.... A message for people of Pakistan and India
Aymen Abbas
University student. Pakistan
I think the appeal is inspired and I hope the next 24 years will be a time frame where the third part will go from imagining to fruition. Young people have better intentions now. They don't have the power to stop this madness yet. They will. If humankind survives.
Theodora A. Hight
Medford Congregational United Church of Christ Justice and Peace Team. USA
From the Nuclear testing on Hiroshima and Nagasaki 1945, were hundreds of Nuclear bombs tested in the Marshal islands and other sites, the civilization of man, living condition in those sites till date has not yet been restored. Join hands as we restore the world through advocacy and effective action.
Dominic Yusuf
IPPNW Students Representative, Nigeria
A nuclear war can never be won and must NEVER be fought...The use of even one nuclear weapon would be disastrous. Whether through first use, or in retaliation, it can only end in total catastrophe for humankind and our precious planet. Prevention is the only cure!
Heather Speight
Peace Action Durham, United Kingdom
As the wealthy prepare to NUKE the planet - the wealthy at the same time are PREPARING TO EVACUATE earth as they plan to go colonise Mars.
Michael Vorster
Former Bishop and Director of Ecumenical Affairs, Methodist Church of Southern Africa
If you want peace, work for justice.
Luca Gervasoni i Vila
President, NOVACT Institute for Nonviolence. Spain
Pax optima rerum. Peace is a fundamental human right that enables us to enjoy civil,cultural, economic, political and social rights. There is no reason to fight a war over whether Donetz lies in Ukraine or in Russia. This must be settled by peaceful negotiation. An imperfect peace is better than any war. Nuclear war is irreversible.
Prof Alfred de Zayas
Professor, Geneva School of Diplomacy. FormerUN Independent Expert on the Promotion of a Democratic and Equitable International Order. Swizerland
"The weapons of war must be abolished before they abolish us." John Kennedy
Dr Viola Palmer
Retired family doctor. Kapiti Quakers. New Zealand